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Mother Leliita is Erik's mother and played a crucial role in the protection of Dover and Sedgley following their birth.


Years Leading up to and Including Death

Prior to the events of the main story, Mother Leliita worked at Redwall Orphanage for some period of time before falling pregnant with and giving birth to Erik in 404 AG. Shortly afterwards, after hearing news of the death of Avatar Lyn, she found Dover and Sedgley abandoned at her doorstep. In order to protect them from the Clandestines who were hunting waterbender babies, she tampered with their birth certificates so that it appeared they were a year older. She then raised them as her own amongst the Orphanage, forming an almost motherly bond with them.

In 421 AG, she had started to fall ill and was taken care of mostly by Sister Dianne. Days before her death she received a message from a spirit that one of her sons was the waterbending Avatar.
Old lady

Mother Leliita reveals the truth.

Although she didn't know who it was, she told all three boys the following day, revealing the truth about their age and entrusting Erik to accompany them to Haven. Her final wish was for them to restore balance to the world. A few days later she died and was buried in the meadow near the orphanage.


Mother Leliita seems very caring and wise; knowing that by changing Dover and Sedgley's birth documents they can remain safe. This also shows that she is a quick thinker. Running a religious institution, in can be deduced that Mother Leliita is very spiritual and as such follows the peaceful lifestyle of spirituality. While explaining to the boys their newfound duty as the Avatar, she displays notions of fairness, duty and honour - all admirable traits.


  • Though a nun, it can be assumed that she, and the other sisters in the orphanage, worship the spirits of the Avatar universe.

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