Thunderstorm By The Snowbold Part of the Storms of the Future Cycle, and Dreams of Melasa continuity.

The Mortal Blossom is the first Ish Kash to be made. A Greater Ish Kash, it was the most powerful and had power over light as well as inspiring others. The blade was forged by Arashin and wielded by Ikari.


With the outbreak of the war between humans and Spirits, the Nifrin witches joined the humans in the war. They knew early on that their numbers alone wouldn't be enough and that humans needed weapons to fight back. Arashin was the first to do just that. He put his all into one Greater Ish Kash, or Ghost Sword, the Mortal Blossom.

Butou Renjin

Ikari breaks the siege on Akuba.

He gave the weapon to his human friend, Ikari, a kind and gentle man he knew would not abuse its incredible powers. At the same time, Spirits besieged the witch city, Akuba. Ikari used his sword to protect the city. After a month of battle, he finally mastered the sword and used Spear of Light to break the siege. Ikari was soon joined by Kuro and then Akira and others in the escalating war. Ikari fought many Spirits and beasts in the ongoing conflicts.

In the final battle on Shadow Hill, Kuro was severely wounded in his fight with Hakki, leaving him impaired when Kurotama entered the fray. The Mortal Blossom's light powers proved too dangerous for the Dark Spirit and had the Great Wolf and his minions stall the warrior.

Kuro managed to defeat the Dark Spirit with another method while Ikari finished off a large number of other spirits, forcing them to retreat. It seemed as if the war was won. This peace ended quickly when a mysterious warrior attacked and killed one of the Ish Kash wielders and began assaulting the others. It turned out to be Kuro, who had become a Dosh Rak, who named itself Karath.


Ikari uses Peace of the Soul against "Karath"

Ikari and the others challenged him. With the Mortal Blossom, Ikari was able to deal a devastating blow that left the demon open so Akira could kill him.

While the most powerful of the Ish Kash, the Mortal Blossom was lost to time. Some claim that the Spirits took it to keep any human from being so powerful again. Regardless, it hasn't been seen since before the Era of the Avatar.


The Mortal Blossom had the most power of any single Ish Kash in existence. As a Greater Ish Kash, it had both mental and physical powers.

It had the ability to positively influence other targets with emotions such as calm, inspiration, joy, or confidence. Ikari would often use this to rally his friends when in dire straits. The power had the ability to heal madness as well.

If the wielder could reach harmony with the Mortal Blossom, they could then access its physical powers. The Mortal Blossom had light-based powers which were incredibly fast as well as dangerous, to both the enemy and the user.

  • Gin attacks

    The Spear of Light was a basic yet deadly power that Ikari rarely used.

    Spear of Light- The Mortal Blossom could send out a blade of light that would incinerate its target. It is incredibly fast and near impossible to dodge.
  • Rain of Heaven- The Mortal Blossom sends blast-waves of light out from above and blinds the area. If the user wishes to intensify the power, it can cause physical damage.
  • Peace of the Soul- A superbly powerful attack. This power was strong enough to drain the Black Soul of all its power for an instant and wound a Dosh Rak with Kuro's level of power. It was incredibly taxing on the body as Ikari could only do it once.
  • Losh Tora- A useful but dangerous ability. "Light Foot" could give the wielder the ability to move near the speed of light, making them incredibly dangerous. The drawback was the incredible strain on the body as well as over-aging while using it. Ikari claimed that he aged a year when he spent a minute using Losh Tora.
  • Heavenly Petals- Blades of lights attack a target in the blink of an eye. It is as fast as Losh Tora but can be used for range.

Deed Names

The Mortal Blossom earned many names over its life as it was the most powerful of the Ish Kash.

  • Siege Breaker- The Spirits had sieged the village of Akuba, the witch city. Ikari managed to break it with Arashin help by using the Mortal Blossom.
  • Peacemaker- After several people had gone mad, Ikari used the Mortal Blossom to calm them and heal them from their insanity.
  • Element Slayer- A name given after Ikari defeated creatures associated with the elements.
  • Dragon Slayer- A fierce dragon had sided with the Spirits, the Mortal Blossom had defeated it.
  • Mole Hunter- Ikari was able to defeat a Badgermole in the dark tunnels beneath the earth.
  • Moon Keeper- The Mortal Blossom was used to pacify a powerful river spirit.
  • Bison Hunter- A rampaging Sky Bison was slain by the Mortal Blossom.
  • Master Blade- Ikari was named the leader of the Ish Kash wielders and carried the most powerful blade.
  • Victor Sword- The sword had singularly won many battles that would have been lost if not for the Mortal Blossom.


  • For the forger and wielder, the name Arashin is based on Arashi for storm and Ikari for anger in Japanese. It is meant to be ironic given their calm personalities and the weapon's kinder powers.
  • The Mortal Blossom is pretty overpowered, hence why the witch Muramasa created a Daisho to counter it; the Black Soul and Raven Rose.

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