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"We've all been through our trials and errors while serving the Leader. I've never been happy about killing people or controlling the bender community, but I've learned to accept it. So should you!"
— Morgan to Kumara in "Negotiations".
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"The Glow"

Morgan is the leader of the Elite in the fanon story Alone.



All of this character's history is currently unknown. It will be released at a later date.


When Avatar Joel was killed by the Leader in San Juan, Morgan was put in charge to find the new reincarnation of him. After twelve years of searching, he had one suspect named Leah Sanchez. Leah had been observed earthbending and with the Avatar mark on the small of her back, but he needed proof of her bending other elements before he could detain her. He arranged for all the boat launches and beaches to be closed except for the one that Leah and her mother were using.

Once they were out on the water, he had a rogue wave hit their boat, and Leah went into the Avatar State. This finally gave Morgan the evidence he needed to detain her. He conferred his evidence to the Leader, who was wary of the evidence and nervous about accidentally bringing a civilian to Uluru. But Morgan was allowed to take a legion of forty Enforcers to detain her before she ran away out of shame.

Morgan and his legion arrived in Chicago and set up a freak snowstorm to slow her down and limit witnesses. He watched as the legion attacked and was shocked to see Leah take down a quarter of the agents before stopping. Morgan stepped forward and demanded that the Avatar give up. Leah was unaware of her status at the time, and Morgan promised to have everything revealed should she come with them. When she denied, the legion restarted the storm and quickly overwhelmed her.

Morgan dialed to the Leader to tell of his success, but was reprimanded for the many casualties caused by Leah. Morgan was ordered to continue Leah's tracks into the lake and report back to base.


When Leah began her attempt at freedom, Morgan took the mic and ordered Leah to stop or she would be subdued. When she ignored the message, Morgan was ordered to kill her. He watched in awe and shock as Leah bent the glass and escaped her cell. When it became evident that Leah would escape, Morgan was ordered to take the Elite and follow her. If she was still free within seven months, Morgan was ordered to kill her on sight, otherwise try to capture her.

Morgan gathered the team and headed outside to assist the Leader, but was too late. He was ordered to take the Elite to New York and follow her, but first deal with Adrian, who had interfered in the fight.


Morgan took the team to the eastern road and waited for her. Adam soon found her and pursued her with Vayu while Morgan took Kumara and Jordan to Alice Springs. Once there, he constructed an underground room meant to trap and crush her. When she was caught with it, she beat the walls and he descended into the room with Kumara and Jordan. Morgan expressed his admiration of Leah's abilities in the escape and demanded her surrender, but she refused.

Morgan and the Elite attacked, Morgan sending large boulders. He then came up behind her in a sand suit of armor, sending sand flying at her eyes and scratching the film of them. After a small reprieve, he conjured a patch of quicksand and trapped Leah as Jordan prepared to finish her. Leah then took the icicle that was to take her life and froze the water around Morgan's limbs. Leah collapsed the room, preoccupying Morgan and allowing her to escape.

After their defeat, Morgan was called back to Uluru while the rest of the Elite went on to hunt Leah. Months later, he announced the arrival of the head of the CIA, who reprimanded them for the failure of the Xylia attack. After he left, Morgan was commanded to call back the Elite for a more important mission.


Morgan is cold and unmoving, totally dedicated to his work. He is willing to compromise in order to save a life, but reverts to violence if the deal is refused. Morgan also brags often of the Elite's and the Leader's abilities.


Morgan is the Leader of the Elite, making him an extremely powerful bender. He is capable of sending gargantuan boulders and is an excellent sandbender. Morgan also is an excellent manipulator and possesses great leadership skills.


Book 1: Glass

Book 2: Smoke

Book 3: Storm

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