More and More Survivors
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Chapter 13: More and More Survivors

As we walked down the streets of Omashu, we saw sky bison, dragons and airships arrive at the city. Then, lots and lots of civilians came out from houses.

"This is great! There are so many survivors," Aika said happily. All of a sudden, I saw a familiar face.

"Mom! Dad!" I exclaimed happily. I ran over and hugged them.

"Masami, my baby, we are the proudest parents in the entire Fire Nation," Mom said. Tears flowed down my face.

"Great news Masami. The spirits are unharmed," Takeshi said. The Water Tribe chief and the Firelord and the High Monk came up.

"Thank you, Avatar Masami. You have saved us all," the High Monk said.

"Don't just thank me. Thank Kenshin, Aika and Takeshi as well. If I never met them, I wouldn't have been able to save the world," I said.

"Let us all celebrate," the Firelord said. In the city square, there was a huge party.

Author's Note

So sorry about the length

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