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Moonlight on the Water
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 2: First Impressions



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January 2, 2012

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Fire in a Bottle

Moonlight on the Water is the twenty-third chapter of Darksome Knights and the third chapter of Book 3: Rallying the Troops.


Haewa and Katara stepped out onto a steep city street. Cars whizzed by without any notice of the two teens. Buildings reached to the sky. An orange bridge seemed to glow with the setting sun.

Haewa put his hand to the ground and closed his eyes.

"What are you doing?" Katara whispered to him. Passerby were giving the pair strange glances.

"Searching for light. For an ally." he murmured. Suddenly, he stood up and walked over to a pedestrian.

"Could you please tell me where the Caldecott Tunnel is?" he asked.

The woman pointed toward the heart of the city. "You'll need to head over to the Berkeley Hills, just on the outskirts of town."

"Thanks." Haewa grabbed Katara by the arm. "Come on."

"So now, we know where we're going. How are we getting there?" she asked.

Haewa held his arm out into the street. "Behold, the wonders of the taxi."

Berkeley Hills

They walked over to a small maintenance shaft on the Caldecott Tunnel. The road was deserted and the moon shone bright.

"A full moon." Katara said, somewhat wistfully.

"Good." Haewa was busy opening the panel. "That means your Waterbending will be at full power."

"What about you?" she asked helping him to work it open.

"Light is light, no matter what form it takes. But it's deceptive. What may seem like light from a distance could have been lost to the darkness." They slid the panel onto the ground. "There we go!"

The two of them stepped into the shaft and exited onto a grand field. A sparkling river glittered in the silvery moonlight. Long buildings created a city on the other side. Katara took a step forward but Haewa pulled her back. As she was about to protest, a black arrow sprouted up from the earth where her foot had been just a moment before.

A shower of arrows followed the leader. Haewa blocked them with a shield of light. Katara bent the water from the river into ice spears and sent them flying at the targets.

A second shower followed. After Haewa blocked them, Katara heated the river to create a massive amount of steam. Using this cover, the pair dashed deeper into the attackers ranks. They drew their swords and Haewa began parrying them with his staff. Katara drew the archers' fire by forming a waterspout and deflecting their arrows.

Then the reinforcements came. Katara downed her waterspout and began fighting back-to-back with Haewa in the river. Sweat was pouring from their skin and Katara was bending it into a weapon. Haewa was launching disks of light into their ranks.

Then, suddenly, the water began to swirl around them. Katara and Haewa stopped attacking and were carried higher and higher into the air. Eventually, they stopped about fifteen feet in the air.

"What business do you have here?" a voice called.

A man stepped out of the shadows. He wore a leather jacket and dark pants, and he had black hair and brilliant green eyes. With a flick of the wrist, he set them back down on the riverbed.

"It's him." Haewa whispered to Katara. "Our ally."

To the potential ally, he merely replied, "We mean you no harm. We wish only to speak with you."

A murmur went through the crowd. The man looked at them hard then turned back to the town.

"Come." he motioned.

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