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Moon Drops
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Star Dust


Avatar: The Last Airbender

In times long before Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Northern and Southern Water Tribes had separated in an effort for peace. Now, with the tribes on the verge of war, Avatar Korra must make a decision—and hope she does not come to regret it later.

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The story begins one year after—under the leadership of Amon—the Equalists' attempts to take over Republic City were thwarted by the efforts of Avatar Korra and her team of friends. In the time since, Mako and Korra have managed to keep a stable relationship in spite of some of their struggles as a couple, Bolin is making a living as a noteworthy pro-bender, Asami has rebuilt Future Industries into a reputable empire, and cocky-as-ever-Tahno still can't seem to get over himself.

Things were normal—or as normal as they could get—for the Krew, until Korra received an unusual present—and not from the person she would have suspected. Left in an angry rage for days over an unexpected engagement necklace, Korra is well-aware that she will soon have to give her suitor a response. But this is more than just a simple engagement proposal—it's an arrangement. With a war brewing in the two Water Tribes, this is a decision that only she, as the Avatar, can make.

Moon Drops is, above all else, a story of self-sacrifice. It's about protecting the ones you love and finding happiness in the strangest places.

Moon Phase Trilogy

While each "phase" can be read individually, the entire story is broken up into a trilogy (Moon Drops being, by far, the most advanced and complex of the storylines). The phase titles are based on each of the elements (excluding air), playing off the concept of the book titles for Avatar: The Last Airbender. Book one, Water is Moon Drops, Book two, Earth is Star Dust , and Book 3, Fire was originally going to be Sun Burned, but when paired with the other two it didn't quite fit. It has since been given the working-title Sun Down.

Division of Story Arcs

Moon Drops is divided into three story arcs with the same titles as the 'Books' in Legend of Korra. So Arc One is 'Air' and Arc Two is 'Spirits'. Arc Three will be titled 'Change'.

The Air Arc of Moon Drops is centralized around Avatar Korra and the Water Tribes. This arc explores more in-depth Korra's ability to channel her spirituality and her role as The Great Bridge between the two worlds. It will also attempt to further explain and characterize the events of seasons 1 and 2 of Legend of Korra; to fill in the blanks, flesh out the characters, and provide insight into how the series may develop. It will also focus on the challenges of family life for Korra, as the Avatar.

Arc 2, Spirits is going to be highlighted by the royal family of the Fire Nation. However, it will be centralized around Asami and her relationship with her father. Whereas arc 1 was largely about being forced to gain fulfillment, arc 2 is set on a slower path to achieving happiness. While the other two arcs are about relationships as well, this arc, particularly, will have no shortage of romance.

Arc 3, Change is still in progress conceptually. It will be set in Republic City and delve deeper into the lives of Mako, Bolin, and Tenzin's families. The arc's main theme will likely be about 'growing up'.

Character Index

Characters are listed by order of appearance under the arc in which they first appear.

Arc 1
Avatar Korra - Meelo - Mako - Asami Sato - Bolin - Kayok - Tahno II - Tahno - Nini - Akiak - Princess Yue - Tonraq - United Republic Council - General Iroh - Kya - Tenzin - Tarrlok - Council page - Oogi - Senna - Republic City press - Pabu - Gommu - Naga - Commander Bumi - Eska - Desna - Lin Beifong - Pema - Kinto - Qannik - Atka
Arc 2
Fire Lady - Fire Lord - Royal servants - Honora - Azula - Katara - Hiroshi Sato - Zuko - Prince Taro - Princess Adisa
Arc 3
Shady Shin - Jinora - Ikki - Rohan - Bonzu - Midori - Anahi - Shin - Manabu - Boton - Prince Kuzon


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# Chapter Release Date Summary
00 Tension (prologue) 15 March 2013 The Northern and Southern Water Tribes have declared war on one another and Korra must find a way to unify them once more before it is too late.
01 Arrogance 17 March 2013 General Iroh has conflicted feelings about Korra's political arrangement—and he's not the only one.
02 Tolerance 29 March 2013 Bored with the estate a week after she moves in, Korra calls up a friend to discuss some things that have been bothering her.
03 Ingrained 6 May 2013 A trip to the Northern Water Tribe reveals disturbing news for Korra. Meanwhile, Princess Eska consults the wisest person she knows for guidance through this predicament.
04 Alleviate 30 June 2013 Before witnessing an emotional reunion, Korra learns the Northern Tribe is applying pressure for her to assimilate to their culture.
05 Scapegoat 1 August 2013 Korra has always had difficulty with her spirituality, but her shortcomings have finally caught up to her. Tarrlok might have a solution.
06 Descent 16 October 2013 Mako's been stewing in a pool of his own frustration since Korra's marriage. Now that she's back in Republic City, maybe he can reconcile his relationship with her.
07 Reasons Scheduled for June 2015 Currently in progress...
08 Essential Scheduled for July 2015 Not currently in progress...
09 Arbitrary Scheduled for July 2015 Not currently in progress...

Spirit Emblem Spirits Spirit Emblem

# Chapter Release Date Summary
10 Preen Scheduled for August 2015 Not currently in progress...
11 Bide Scheduled for August 2015 Not currently in progress...
12 Arsen Scheduled for September 2015 Not currently in progress...
13 Scorched Scheduled for September 2015 Not currently in progress...
14 Singe Scheduled for October 2015 Not currently in progress...



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