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One of the creatures found within Republic City.

This list consists all the creatures that appeared within the one-shot special, United Purgatory. None of these creatures were mentioned directly by name, yet their names were revealed in the narrative.


United Purgatory monsters 1

The Runners are large, raptor-like corrupted spirit creatures that were the first monsters that appear to Team Avatar. They are shown to be highly resilient, surviving a lightning blast from Mako, and are fast enough to easily keep up with a Satomobile at high speed. When they returned to the Spirit World, they resembled their corrupted forms but lacked the deadly teeth, clawed feet, and aggressive behavior. They attacked Team Avatar soon after they arrived and were the ones responsible for destroying their Satomobile, thus removing their only main transportation through Republic City. A pack of Runners managed to nearly kill Kai almost immediately and injured a few others. Despite that, they lost the team later on and were driven off by a much larger creature.


The Mimicker is another, humanoid-like creature that was found by Ziyou after she got separated. It is genderless in appearance, has bug-like eyes, and is capable of perfect mimicry of whom it wishes to mimic. It is extremely agile as well and can easily follow anyone it encounters. After Ziyou found it, it followed her around Republic City until they found the child, which was shen it retreated upon hearing its cries.


The Child is a small, deformed-looking corrupted spirit that was found by Ziyou, Bolin, and Mako. It has the appearance of an alien-like child or an underdone fetus, with an overly enlarged head. It constantly cries at random times, which attracts larger predators from within the city - something many smaller creatures are well aware of. It remained with them for a long while. When brought back to the Spirit World, it turned out to be the light spirit.


United Purgatory monster 2

The Gulper is one of the largest known creatures found within Republic City. It is a giant fish-like creature, with a huge gaping mouth filled with shark-like teeth. Its eyes are set high on its head, it able to see prey from underwater and ambush them, and has white fleshy skin rather than scales. It has a stocky, fish-like body with a set of large fins on the side of its body. It appeared soon after Team Avatar ventured out to Yue Bay, towards the Aang Memorial. The gulper found them, and its tail whacked the boat, separating Naga from the others. It tried to swallow her but only got the iceberg Naga was on. The second time it dove, it knocked Korra into the water, nearly swallowing her before it got electrocuted by Mako. It was wounded, but it followed them to the Aang Memorial. Sometime later, the gulper appeared again to swallow the Doll that Jinora threw in the water. It tried to eat Jinora and later Kai but ended up beached for a bit until Team Avatar escaped. It got back at them by managing to eat their boat after they docked.

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