By Kyoshidude Part of the The Kyoshi Chronicles continuity.
Monshiton Province
Physical information

Southern Earth State



First appearance

" The Avatar (The Kyoshi Chronicles)

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Map of Earth

Monshiton Province is located in the Gaan Mountains in the Southern Earth State. Not much is known about it except that it contains markets and that the highly wanted criminal, Gisgo, was born and raised in Monshiton

Layout and Description

The province is paved and highly rustic in design. The streets are narrow and filled with booths and stalls from the regular markets, with wanted signs of the criminal Gisgo posted on every building. The Gaan Mountains that surround the province is much different to the prairies below. Green grass and tall trees grow and nearby there is a stream.

Flora and Fauna

The environment in Monshiton Province and the Gaan Mountains is quite vegetatious and arborious. It can be assumed that the Honeyfruit grows around the area as they can be purchased at the markets.

Notable characters

  • Gisgo: a wanted criminal and skilled archer.

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