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Monkey Feathers!
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December 17, 2013

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Bonus Chapter: Monkey Feathers!

Bonus Chapter: Monkey Feathers!

- The Night before Katara's birthday -

Aang stared at the one-more-stage-to-be-full moon for a few more seconds, feeling immensely pleased with himself.

He had taken a big leap from a sweet boyfriend to a responsible husband to-be.

He had shown Katara an unusual amount of love and concern for Katara recently, offering to help her with everything, much to her confusion. It was probably preparing for the responsibilities and duties packaged with marriage.

He was ready. He looked to the moon again, hoping that he would gain the acceptance and confirmation as that exact moment tomorrow, Aang would ask for the hand of one of its people.

I should get the necklace and keep it in my possession until tomorrow. Then it would become Katara's.. I hope.

Aang stepped out of his apartment, towards Appa's barn. As he approached closer, he heard voices coming from the barn. Human voices. He stopped short.

Since when can Appa talk?

He strained his ears, and heard... Katara? Aang crept stealthily to the side of the barn taking wide, cautious steps at a time, peering through the side window.

The dim reflection from the moonlight revealed her unmistakable wavy hair, and that long, blue costume and those beautiful blue shoes.

She was putting one hand in one of Appa's saddlebags... The one with... The necklace! Aang shrieked internally, standing straight in alarm.

His body blocked the lone ray of moonlight, and Katara noticed it.

"Who's there?" Aang dodged beneath the window sills, knocking his bald head with a thud in the process. Aang winced silently, rubbing his head in pain.

The pain faded as he rose his head, his eyes in level with the window sills. He glanced into the barn, Katara was still rummaging through the saddlebag.

"Where is that comb?!" Katara screamed in frustration, unable to see in the dim lighting.

Aang sighed in relief.

"What's this?" Aang gulped, peeking into the barn again. In her hands was the box, the box with the necklace. Aang screamed in horror, but no sound came out from his throat. Monkey feathers!

Aang continued watching at her in absolute silence. Katara ran her fingers across the rough surface of the box, gasping in fascination.

Aang was shaking with anxiety, wanting to rush in and grab the box, but he couldn't. He prayed, he prayed that she would be smart enough not to give in to curiosity.

The universe just loved to prove him wrong. He felt that his luck was even worser than Sokka's. Katara opened the box delicately, every inch of the box opened, every bit of the necklace revealed, left Aang hopping in his state, face showing obvious signs of desperation.

Katara picked up the necklace, touching the necklace though it was her most precious possession, her eyes lit up in adoration and fascination, she felt the carvings beneath her fingers, memorizing every inch of detail.

She traced the swirls of air and the waves of water, and the five petals to the stalk of the symbol of love.

Aang was close to ripping his hair off, although he didn't have any hair.

Katara took off her mother's necklace, and wore the necklace on her neck, feeling the coldness of the stone against her bare neck. She loved how the choker fit her neck perfectly.

The necklace felt somehow different from her mother's necklace, her original necklace gave a sense of, ironically, loss, although it was there, around her neck.

The necklace that was worn around her neck delivered something more. Much more. Love, and passion. She adored it. She took off the necklace, and unwillingly put it back inside the box. She stared hard at it for a few more seconds, then closed the box with a soft thud.

She put it back in the saddlebag, and left, significantly happier.

She knows about the necklace already! There wouldn't be a surprise tomorrow anymore... Look at the bright side Aang, there must be a bright side to all this. Well.. At least I know the size fits.

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