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"Sometimes when we're angry, we say things we don't mean, young earthbender."
— Monk Yong Ten tells Jia Mei in Chapter 11: The Kira-Bi
By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei continuity.
Monk Yong Ten
Monk Yong Ten
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801 BG


651 BG (Age: 150)

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Air Nomads, Fire Lord Yeh Lu, Ku Tei, 41st Earth King Ta Po, Rong Yan, Unaraq, Tanaraq, The Waiter, Utsah the Bandit King, Kai-Shek, Muqin, Jia Mei, Mayor Zhuyao, Chi-Fu the Historian, Captain Wei, Monk Jampo, Monk Senge


Ex-General Senlin, The Mayor, The Kira-Bi (Formerly)

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Airbending Master


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  • High Monk Tzu
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Book 1: Air Chapter 4: The Fire Lord

Monk Yong Ten is a major character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Yong Ten is friends with Avatar Rong Yan, and also a friend of Rong Yan's past life, Avatar Ku Tei. Yong Ten is also Rong Yan's airbending teacher, and accompanies him as he travels the world mastering the last three elements.


Born to unknown parents, like every Air Nomad, he was named Yong Ten by his mother, and the baby was sent off to the Southern Air Temple. At the age of five, he was given an apple and he offered it a baby sky bison, the bison gladly accepted the apple and became his friend. He named the sky bison Jippo.

Trained by high monk by the name of Tzu. Yong Ten was training and reached the 34th level of Airbending training, he invented a move where he would twirl his hands in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion and make small twisters and punch them at his opponents, when it impacts with them they spin so fast, it makes them dizzy giving the airbender a large advantage. That earned him his tattoos.

Making him a master airbender, he soon began teaching young monks airbending, in the 37 levels of airbending, so they too can earn their tattoos like he did. At the age of 46, a earthbender came to Southern Air Temple, claiming to be the Avatar, and trained him. They became friends and hanged around famously. Knowing his lifelong friend he chose to leave the temple with the Avatar, and helped him on his quest to master the last two elements.

Returning to the temple at the age of 77, training more young airbenders to become masters. At the age 84, he heard of the death of Ku Tei, Yong Ten went into depression because of the death his best friend.

Current Life

He is currently 142 years old, and is about to train the Avatar in airbending, they're currently traveling to the Southern Air Temple, and are visiting a small village called Hi Sho Village. Just like Ku Tei, Yong Ten chooses to journey with Rong Yan to accompany him as he masters the other three elements. And defeat the upcoming dangers that lie ahead.



Yong Ten, was born an airbender like all Air Nomads. Yong Ten, during Rong Yan's life, and that of Ku Tei's he is known as a master airbender. Due to the arrow tattoos sprawled around his body indicating that he is a master.


Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book One: Air (气)


  • Yong Ten, travels around with Rong Yan as he masters the elements, just like he did with Ku Tei.
  • Yong Ten, is four years older than Avatar Ku Tei, and outlives the Earth Kingdom Avatar.
  • Yong Ten, becomes best friends with Rong Yan, as he was with Ku Tei.
  • Yong Ten, is similar to Gyatso being friends with Ku Tei and Rong Yan.

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