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Momo is a winged lemur, the only animal member of Team Rebel, and the former pet of Avatar Aang. He is the only member of Team Avatar to survive Azula's wrath.


Tragic Loss

After the death of Sokka and Suki, Momo could sense the depression that the team was going through. He started losing his happy nature, stopped eating, and lost much weight. He, as well as Appa, witnessed the terrible drowning of Toph and Aang killing himself. Just a day later, Momo and Appa were captured by a bounty hunter. Appa was immediately taken to the Royal Palace, and was killed and served to Ozai, Azula, and others for dinner. Momo was taken to Ba Sing Se's Middle Ring Meat Market, where he was kept in a cage for a month. He was forgotten, and would have died of starvation in the cage, though one day, a kind butcher saw him, fed him, and set him free.

Momo spent the rest of his years as a wild animal, though he never forgot about Aang. However, one night, the day when Mina escaped, Momo had a dream, in which Aang spoke to him. Momo forgot the dream when he woke up, though, somehow, he felt the instinct to search for certain people. He roamed the Fire Nation, until he eventually came across Ember Island. He had an instinctive feeling he needed to do something, and eventually, he followed his instincts, which was saving Kaila from Princess Mitsuki. Momo's actions both saved Kaila's life and saved all of Team Rebel, both making him the team's new pet and allowing them to sail to Kein Forest as they planned.

Traveling to Kein Forest and Hiding

Momo, along with Mina and Chen, enjoyed life on the ship, mostly because he had an unlimited supply of fish. After Kaila and Chen had an argument, Momo followed Mina out to see Chen and Kaila make up. When the team was attacked by Yi, Momo fought one of Yi's men, defeating the man by dropping a fish on the floor, causing the man to slip and fall. Though the team won the fight, they were unable to catch up to their ship, and it sailed away without them.

Momo was absent for the entire sequence of events in which Chen had his first Agni Kai, as he was out finding berries. A few days later, when Momo was given the "mission" of guarding Mina and Kaila's clothes while they swam, Momo instead decided to explore the village they were near, and ended up with Chen in a nice old lady's house. When Mina and Kaila found Momo, they chased him around the house comically.

When Mina, Kaila, and Chen where captured by Dai Li agents, Momo dropped two heavy objects on each agents' heads, allowing the team to flee from the rock they were encased in. Finally, they make it to Kein Forest, and, after a quick confrontation with General Yi and his men, they are escorted into the Rebel City.

Momo is absent for the entire battle, though at the end he peeps through his hiding place to see Chen go into the Avatar State and drive away Mitsuki's fleet.

After Chen re-awakens, Momo is obviously happy to see him, though Chen's frustration overcomes him, and he ends up swatting Momo away when he tries to lick him. However, after talking to Avatar Aang and accepting who he is, Chen pats Momo on the head, in which Momo returns the pat with a "snuggle".


Momo is typical of his species; curious, intelligent with a touch of mischievousness. Momo is an asset to the team for his friendly and playful ways which helps to feed Sokka's humor as the straight man, this brings much needed levity to the group from time to time. Appa and Momo appear to have a special bond, which may be due to linguistic understanding, or they have developed one of those 'special bonds' which is rare between different animal species. Momo is also adept in many situations, such as with the pygmy pumas that were chasing him for food only to find themselves on the menu. Momo provided their escape and at the same time made new friends. These traits all go along to making Momo cute and adorable by the team, as well as others that he meets throughout his travels.


Momo uses his wings for gliding and flying. He can also swim short distances underwater whilst holding his breath. [1] He hasn't proved any fighting skill, due his size and capabilities as an animal, but he has helped Team Avatar numerous times on various occasions. Momo has also shown some type of intelligence, as he helped Katara when she was strapped, and helped Sokka with fighting Fire Nation soldiers. [2] Momo has shown on various occasions that he understands human language, but he doesn't understand Katara when she tells him he has to get water. [3] Momo also has a lot of strength, as he can sustain a person in the air who's approximately Aang's weight or possibly more.


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