Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Momo's Adventure in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Chapter 1, Lost on Ember Island

The story starts out as Momo playing with Aang, then Suki and Sokka get reservations to a fancy restaurant in
Flying Momo

Momo lost while trying to find Aang.

Omashu from King Bumi. Momo and Appa fly with Katara, Zuko, and Toph in Ba Sing Se. They drop off Appa and Momo in the daycare. Suddenly Momo decides to run away, Katara and the group chase after them. Momo flies into the sky with Appa chasing after him. Then Katara and her friends realize there lost in the middle of Ba Sing Se. Appa is chasing after Momo over the Boiling Rock soon Appa loses Momo and they both are lost on Ember Island alone together. Momo is along the beach and stumbles across two Fire Nation ladys named Lo and Li. Lo and Li are very nice to Momo and Appa they care for them and feed them.

Chapter 2, Ba Sing Se

Katara, Zuko, and Toph are still in Ba Sing Se. Zuko tries to look for his uncle's tea shop but the find three old
Ty Lee and Kyoshi Warriors

Ty Lee, Sonie, and Majia

friends, Kyoshi Warriors named Ty Lee, Sonie, and Majia. Ty Lee is a master of chi blocking. Toph asked them for help but they were lost too. Ty Lee joins them on their little adventure. So wheres cutie-tootie Sokka says Ty Lee A you know hes in a relationship, Right? Katara my feet hurt can you carry me? said Toph Have Zuko do it. Then Katara and the group see the monorail. They try and hitch a ride but there too late, so they wait.

Chapter 3, Date in Omashu

Sokka, are you alright? What? Oh? Yeah but don't the waiters seem weird? What do you m
Sokka and Suki kiss

Come down kiss

They... Hello I'm Joo Me and I am your waiter this fine eavning said the weird looking lady. Yes, I want the Smoked Sea Slug said Suki And I want the Spicy Smoked Sea Slug said Sokka Okay, so that's two Smoked Sea Slugs said the weird waiter Suki if she attacks me don't defend... So Suki gives Sokka a come down kiss. Meanwhile in Omashu Bumi and Aang are looking for Momo everywhere. Then Aang thinks Momo and Appa are somewhere else in the world. Then Aang and Bumi say their goodbyes and Aang flies to Ember Island to look for them.

Chapter 4, Found of All

Soon Aang decides to start out in Ba Sing Se, He flies all over the city to look for Momo and Appa. Instead they
Yue waterbends
find Katara, Zuko, and the Group Aang what are you doing here? said Katara I'm looking for Appa and Momo said Aang. Meanwhile back on Ember Island, Momo is giving up hope Don't give up hope little lemur, your not lost. said

Yue in the sky Your almost with Aang. Soon Katara and the group are in Omashu at their Hotel room Katara can we go swiming Not Now Toph, I think it's best that we help Aang find Momo and Appa. I'll ride on a waterwave while you earthsurf. Just then Katara bends a waterwave and looks for Aang.

Chapter 5, The Return of Momo

Aang arrives on Ember Island and sees Appa flying then sees Momo chasing after him. Momo, Appa come back. CrUkerit CrUkerit MOMO! Your back, now we just need to get Appa To Be Continuted....

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