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Mommy Dearest is the twenty-second chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


When Kambi's goofy and elderly mother, Marisolla, visits Kein Forest from the Spartan Islands, Kambi and the rest of the rebels must deal with her overbearing nature and inability to stay quite. Eventually, after learning of Kambi's near execution, she threatens to send him back to Spartan Islands to protect him. Desperate, Kambi enlists the help of Mina, Kaila, Chen, Giu, and Ray to convince his mother to let him stay, but they soon realize that they have made a big mistake.


The chapter opens with Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, Giu, and Momo all sitting on the steps of the palace. Kambi then walks out with a very worried look on his face, while holding a paper. Mina asks Kambi what's wrong, in which he can barely mutter the words "my mother, Marisolla, is visiting from the islands." Giu and Ray both get the same look as Kambi, and then scream. Mina, Kaila, and Chen ask them what is so bad about an elderly woman, and Kambi tells them she is loud, rude, obnoxious, overprotective, and a drunk. Kaila then says that she's exactly like her mother. Suddenly, a carriage, pulled by six ostrich horses, arrives. Kambi screams, puts on a Fire Nation disguise to try to fool his mother, and hides behind a few bushes.


Marisolla's carriage arrives in the city

Ray rolls her eyes, and asks Kambi if he would really rather face death then his own mother, in which Kambi responds with "YES!" Finally, Marisolla sees Kambi hiding behind the bushes despite his disguise. She yells at him to get out of the bushes, and Kambi quickly jumps out in fright. She gives him a kiss, and calls him her "Kamb-cake", causing the rest of the rebels to laugh. Kambi blushes angrily, and tells Giu to escort his mother to her room. However, Marisolla stops him, and tells him she needs a cigarette. Kambi, surprised, tells his mother that he thought she quit smoking, in which Marisolla tells him she thought he quit being single, and then throws her cigarette into Ray's hair.

As Giu walks Marisolla over to her room, there is awkward silence, until Marisolla expresses shock over the fact that one of the palace's nicest statues was destroyed. Giu then accidentally tells her that it was because of the battle. Marisolla then scowls evilly at Giu, and asks him to tell her how big the battle was. Giu at first refuses to tell her, but she then she pins him to the wall and forces him to speak. Giu tells her of the entire battle, Kambi nearly getting killed, and Chen going into the Avatar State. In utter shock, Marisolla pushes Giu to the ground and runs outside to her son. Kambi asks her what's wrong, and she tells him that first thing in the morning, he'll be out of Kein Forest. Kambi doesn't protest, and simply responds with, "Yes, mommy."

As Kambi packs his bags, Mina tells him what he's doing is crazy. Kaila agrees, and even starts to unpack Kambi's bags. Ray asks him why he's so scared of his mother, and Kambi asks her if she is. Ray responds with "only a little". Kambi, in rebuttal, then tells Ray, Mina, Kaila, Chen, and Giu that if they aren't scared, then they should ask Marisolla to change her mind. The children agree, and Giu walks them over to Marisolla's room. They walk in, and Marisolla angrily asks them what they are doing in her room. Chen tells her that they are hear to speak to her. Marisolla bitterly asks them if this is about her decision to take Kambi away with her. The five children then simultaneously respond with "Yes." In pure rage, Marisolla grabs each child by the ear, and throws them through her window.

After seeing his "fallen" comrades, Kambi then finally decides to stand up to his mother. He confidentially steps into her room, and tells her that he is not a baby anymore, and that he can take care of himself. Marisolla, instead of beating Kambi, softens up completely, and tells him that she's only doing it so Kambi doesn't die like his siblings did. Kambi promises her he will never be killed and will always be careful. Just then, a Fire Nation assassin runs through Kambi's window, and knocks him to the ground. Just before he is killed, Marisolla grabs the assassin by the neck, holds him up into the air, and snaps it. Kambi looks on in great disbelief, and Marisolla tells him that she's not going to leave him alone, as he still can't even bench one hundred pounds.

Kambi then begs his mother not to stay, as he doesn't want her to smother him and ruin his life. Marisolla tells Kambi to take it like a man. Then Marisolla puts her hand under a bed, and drags out an elderly and senile woman, revealed to be Kambi's grandmother, Kama. Kambi asks her what his grandmother is doing under the bed. Marisolla tells him that it's because that way, she pays less for traveling. Marisolla then picks up her suitcases, and Kambi asks her what she's doing. Marisolla tells him that she's not going to waste her life, and that since Kama has barely any life left, she'll be looking after Kambi. Kama then asks Kambi if he could wash her pits, causing Kambi to faint.


  • This chapter stands out as the lightest Kyoshi Revolts chapter ever made and ever to be made.
  • Unlike most chapters, this chapter's main goal was not at all to wow or impress readers, butrather to dampen all the action and fighting and surprises that have happened recently in the story.

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