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A Celebration Cut Short

Moku is the young, handsome prince of the Earth Kingdom. Being the second-born of Earth King Maroph, he is not in line to succeed to the throne.


Determined, courageous, and bold. These three characteristics are the driving forces behind Moku's tireless campaign to find his love, Kyla. Once he has his mind set on something, he refuses to let go.


Meeting and Losing Kyla

During a celebration honoring the strong tie between the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribe, Moku met the princess of the Northern Water Tribe, a young, beautiful, and energetic woman named Kyla. They immediately fell in love, and he followed Water Tribe custom and carved a betrothal necklace. His plans fell short, however, when Kyla was abducted during their visit to a zoo in the Earth Kingdom capital city of Ba Sing Se. Devastated, he left his palace and family in the dark of night to look for her, starting by seeking out people on a list of informants given to him by his brother, Lee. The first informant explained that he heard that Waterbenders and Airbenders were present at Kyla's kidnapping in addition to Firebenders. For Moku, this made it less likely that Kyla was taken to the Fire Nation. The second person Moku spoke with was a psychic who, during their conversation, became possessed by the spirit of Koh. The spirit informed Moku that those who took Kyla were seeking the grave of the Water Tribe's greatest forefather. That was all Koh had time to say before the psychic died due to the energy of the spiritual event. This mysterious message led Moku to find Professor Kang who taught Water Tribe studies at Ba Sing Se University. Jokingly, Kang suggested that Moku look for information in Wan Shi Tong's Library, but although he was joking, Moku decided to take his advice.

Searching for Kyla

Moku left Ba Sing Se by barely making a monorail train to the Outer Wall before being captured by his father's own guards.

Path to Desert

Later, he and his ostrich horse, Duke, arrived at the Serpent's Pass and encountered the ferocious, 100 foot long scaly beast that guards it. Utilizing his skillful Earthbending, he managed to hit the serpent in the eye, which caused it to retreat.

In the Desert

After traveling through the scorching sands of the Si Wong Desert, Moku encountered members of the Hami Sandbender Tribe, who, without his knowledge, plotted to abandon him after learning the secrets he plans to find in Wan Shi Tong's Library.


Moku first displayed his tremendous Earthbending abilities when he was dueling his brother Lee. When it comes to launching boulders across a massive arena, size doesn't seem to matter for the prince. His accuracy matches his pure strength, and his capability of using sturdy, unshakable stone walls often defends him from fierce attacks.

Quick on his feet, Moku was able to avoid the blows of a 100 foot tall Serpent who guards his lake with his ferocious roar and quick, powerful strikes. A split second away from perishing, he shot a sizable rock into he beast's eye and forced it to retreat.


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