By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Mojos are an apparition, a type of deadly magic brought up by Anti-bending. They are unable to anti-bend, but since the magic was of no logical sense, they can literally do whatever they want. They can take many forms, but their main one is a bipedal pink elephant with black eyes. They can alter the fabric of reality to play their games so it was required by Slenderman to keep them in the foundation at all costs, otherwise the very fabric of reality will no longer exist. Slenderman found that they can cause insanity among other people, so he often gives them plenty of subjects for them to corrupt. They are also held inside Mojo jars, acting like a grenade when thrown and releasing them to whoever is left in the mist.

Avatar: New Universe II

The Mojos first appear when it was time for Aang's experiment. They began with all sorts of different tricks to bend reality in the chamber, changing into nets, trampolines, slides and so many other things. They kept this up for an hour before Slenderman called them back.

Later on in the final escape, they play a good role when Shuck throws a mojo jar at the guards, as they start to act out at them, giving them a distraction while the plan went through.

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