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By SuperFlash101 and Zukofan123 Part of the Rebellion: Final Hope continuity.
"My past scarred me, and my days in the military robbed me of my gift. I don't care what I takes; the Fire Nation will loose this war."
— Mogra.
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55 AG, Fire Nation Capitol

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Formerly Earth Kingdom Rebellion


14,000 Gold Pieces

Mogra is a former co-founder of the Earth Kingdom Rebellion and one of the only Fire Nation soldiers to desert without problems, for loosing his drive to Firebend. He had a deep relationship with Sazuki Yuro and Takeshi Sagara.

Born into a wealthy and powerful family in the Fire Nation, Mogra's brother Zei betrayed his family, and so Mogra eventually murdered him. Without money or power, he joined the military, in which he was apart of several battles and engagements. But after the Massacre of Siwang, he lost his drive to bend and deserted.

Mogra eventually, after several years, met a young boy named Sazuki Yuro, constructing a metal arm for him and eventually forming a rebellion with him. The Rebellion strove on for a while, until Sazuki was killed and he group disbanded. Mogra spent the next stages of his life after the war as an honored Earth Kingdom citizen.


Early Life

Mogra 16

Mogra at age 16.

Mogra was born to a wealthy and very powerful Fire Nation family in 55 AG. He had a twin brother, Fanon:Zei, with whom he had a good friendship with and loved him. He grew up happy and fulfilled, though he lived recklessly and dangerously. But when he and Zei were 16, Zei betrayed his family, giving away not only their land, but also their mother and father as slaves. Mogra angrily engaged him in a fierce duel.


Mogra about to summon the Fire Blast that would kill his brother.

After several vicious attacks and blasts, Mogra attempted to dispatch his twin by distracting him with a small explosion on the roof. It proved successful, and he surprised him from behind, slamming him down on the roof as they both fell off.

They both scrambled up, and as Zei tried to scurry away, Mogra grabbed him by his shins and dragged him to the ground, where he struck him in the face with a punch. Zei pushed Mogra up with a kick in his stomach and he rolled down a small dirt hill.Mogra was washed to the dirt and, acting in an moment of frustration, delivered a powerful blow to his brother, killing him.



Mogra contemplates what to do after killing his brother.

After killing his brother, Mogra was forced to leave the Capital where he lived and live life as a wanderer. He first headed west to the Fire Fountain City, where he was forced to mug a man for money to pay for a night's rest. After sleeping there, he moved farther west to a small valley, where he camped out at. Once there, he was ambushed by a group of thugs, who he quickly dispatched with impressive Fire Skills. He moved after a week, and moved from village to village and camp to camp. By the age 18, he was ready to stop wandering and start a new life of honor and strength. So he applied to join the Military.

Joining the Military

Battle of Shi Shu

Ambush at Fong's Base

Storming Kuruk Stronghold

Massacre of Siwang and Aftermath


Meeting Sazuki

Forming the Rebellion

Infiltration of Ba Sing Se

Recruiting New Members

Protecting the Rebellion Bunker

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Protecting Gaoling

Sazuki Captured

Wider Success

Return to Fong's Base

Protecting the New Bunker

Kajin Avatar Temple

Siege of Ba Sing Se and Aftermath

Last Three Weeks

After the War

Late Life


Mogra at age 71.

In 126 AG, Mogra, living as a hermit in a desert valley in the Earth Kingdom, was confronted by a young man named Sai. Sai first asked him if he was the Mogra from the old rebellion, and Mogra responded "yes." Sai replied "Good," and rapidly told him, in a pance, that there was something "really bad" going on. Mogra quickly replied that he didn't do that anymore, that he was too old, and for the boy to leave now.

But Sai was persistent, and forcefully dragged him by his sleeve across a few inches. Mogra pulled away, and sighed, finally following the boy, annoyed. But he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw fire emulating from the village he could see from the sand hill, and Sai told him that some rogue Fire Nation men had come to their village and started fighting. Mogra asked the boy how long it had been going on for, which was "around 2 hours." Mogra then pulled the boy over his shoulders, and panced off toward the village.

Once inside the village, he dropped the boy behind a pile of rubble, and, seeing a rally of rogues around a woman and her child, bended a blast at the ground, melting it and causing the men to sink inside. The woman thanked him, and scampered off.

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Sazuki Yuro

Takeshi Sagara

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Behind the Scenes

Mogra's name is spelled 老的 (lǎo de), which means "long standing." This references his incredibly long life. Since his life was full of adventure and thrills at ages 6 and up, the murder of his brother and loss of his parents at 16 expanded that longer. It also refers to his "never give up without a fight" lifestyle and his high age.

Mogra was conceived by the creator in many ways. For one, he wanted someone to work with Sazuki, and in the picture he chose for the Rebellion (which was from Full Metal Alchemist), he picked the character Roy Mustang and named him "Mogra." But after imagining him more with silver/gray hair, he decided to only use Mustang if his black hair was not shown. Other ways he was conceived was to have a partner for Sazuki, a father-figure mostly, and based on Anime characters Sasuke Uchiha, Spike Spiegel, and, as mentioned above, Roy Mustang.

Unlike other characters, no one character is used for Mogra's image. The creator will use any anime character with gray, silver, or even very light silver-like blue hair. This includes character's from Cowoboy Bebop and D.N. Angel. In a way, Mogra's post-war life is similar to that of Obi Wan Kenobi. Both lived life far away from others, and were confronted for help with business from his past. Other ways his personality, which is loosely based on Kenobi's.

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