By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: The Revision continuity.
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"(A:TR) Ep.20: Burning Snow PT2" (only appearance)

Mizuomo is a colossal water entity that can only be summoned by a spiritual connection between either Tui or La and a powerful mortal being.


Mizuomo only appeared once throughout the whole series. When Katara felt brokenhearted over Sokka's injury, she and La, both vengeful for their loss, fused together to summon Mizuomo. The giant entity rampaged over the Northern Water Tribe to drive out the Fire Nation soldiers invading the North Pole. Despite its rampage, Mizuomo attacked many of the firebenders, except for Zuko, who showed it his respect unlike the others, and immediately targeted Raiu. After a long chase around, Mizuomo eventually caught and killed Raiu by disintegrating it, releasing Tui. Once Tui and La were reunited, Mizuomo used its waterbending to send the firebenders off. While most were just launched into the sea, Zuko was just let on his ship and sent off in a huge wave. Soon after that, Mizuomo vanished, its duty finished and the crisis averted.


Mizuomo is shown to have a huge amount of waterbending potential, being made of water itself. Even when the moon spirit had died, Mizuomo was still able to waterbend, while all the mortal waterbenders couldn't.


  • Mizuomo was never called by its real name, though was used due to its meaning in Japanese: "water lord".

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