By HilbertGR Part of the Avatar:The Last Messenger continuity.
"For any reason you become angry there is an explanation. I know you are angry but there is always hope."
— Mizu to Kurai in The Northeastern Earth Mount".

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Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Ice blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Knife, Bending

Fighting style(s)





Gloomietta, Arietta

Chronological and political information



Excellent Waterbender


Northern Water Tribe

First appearance

The Promise


Mizu's past is shrouded in mystery. She was born and grew up on the Northern Water Tribe. The only know about her is that she left her home to get to the Earth Kingdom when she was 14 years old.

Book 1:Water

Mizu arrived at the Earth Kingdom sailing on a board. The first thing she saw was a frozen man. When the frozen man broke out of the ice she attacked him terrified. Although she was blocked she made the man follow her to find the information he sought. After Kurai found the information he needed he was going to leave Mizu back although she wanted to follow him.Then a Fire Nation ship attacked. Kurai made her angry by saying she is weak and can't fight. Then she froze a huge part of the sea along the enemy ship. Then they made a promise to travel together.

Mizu by overpushing herself lost her powers. She was carried by Kurai for the next two days. The first day when she awoke she thought Kurai left ehr but then she found him on a Fire Nation ship fighting against Gloomietta and her soldiers. They escaped together and survived a deadly attack.

By the next day Kurai have carried her up to a mountain near their objective. After she was saved by him from a snake they arrived at the temple. Their she heard many information about the past Avatars but she quickly got bored. So she chased and befriended to small hamsters, Noko and Shonen. The night of this day with her words she brought back a memory that calmed down Kurai.

She continued to traveling with him for many days through the Earth Kingdom. Although nothing happened for many days then they were attacked by an Earthbender woman who thought they were spies. After escaping from her two times, the third time she attacked them Mizu Waterbender. She was excited to have her Waterbending back. But then Gloomietta's troops attacked both three of them. They escaped with a ship front he Southern Water Tribe.

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