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"I'm not just a soldier. I'm the Princess behind it all!"
— Mitsuki reveals her identity to Kambi
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The Fire Lord's Son

Mitsuki is the daughter of Supreme Fire Lord Azula, Princess of the Fire Nation, sister and archenemy to Avatar Chen, and heir to the imperial majesty. She is cruel, violent, and has absolutely no regard for human life.

Mitsuki grew up as Azula's favorite child, and took great pleasure at Azula's verbal and physical abuse directed toward Chen. She antagonizes Chen and his friends, hunting them down with her rag-tag team of Tam Mee and Quanlee. Mitsuki has proved to be a skilled tactician on multiple occasions, organizing the near-successful invasion on Kein Forest and eventually bringing Kambi and his administration down in a conspiracy, leading to her claiming complete world domination for her mother.

Mitsuki, much like Azula, is a powerful Firebending master, able to control the forces of lightning and shoot blue flames.



Born Lucky

Mitsuki was born in 116 AG to Fire Lord Azula and a dying Yin Lee. It is said by Chen that she was born skilled and intelligent. She never got to know her father, as he died when she was barely one. This, however, had no effect on her. As opposed to her brother, Chen, her mother showered her with love and affection. She started Firebending very early, and quickly became a prodigy in it, surpassing all children her age in the world. This caused her to become Azula's pride, as Azula would always show off and rave about her daughter's amazing skill.

Spoiled Rotten

Azula always trained with Mitsuki for at least four hours a day, much to Chen's dismay. Azula also taught in all of her school subjects, which Mitsuki mastered quickly and with ease, allowing her to not have to go to school at all. Even though she was deprived of a social life, Mitsuki still managed to make friends with Quanlee and Tam Mee, the daughters of Mai and Ty Lee.

Becoming a Supreme Princess

Young Azula

Mitsuki pretending to act cute and innocent to Azula's generals during her childhood

When Mitsuki heard of her grandfather's death, she immediately planned her coronation of when she would become Phoenix Queen after her mother passes away. Chen, however, told her she would not become queen, and that he would become king because he was born first. Angry, Mitsuki asked her mother why Chen would gain such a position. Azula silenced her, and told Mitsuki that she will become Phoenix Queen, and that she just needs to wait until Chen's stupidity destroys himself. Hearing this, Mitsuki decided to harass Chen even more, and would constantly tell him he would be killed by their mother before he could become king. She would never stop until Chen would start crying hysterically, and then she would watch in pleasure as Azula punished Chen for his "disrespectful behavior".

Hunting Team Rebel


After Chen fails to impress his mother again, Mitsuki decides it is finally time to get him to desert the palace. Late at night, she harasses Chen about Azula's hatred of him, and tells him he has no one to love him anymore. Chen argues back, but Mitsuki easily disputes his weak arguments. Evidently, Mitsuki's torture of Chen's mind kicks in, and Chen leaves the palace the very same night. In the morning, Mitsuki is called down to her mother's throne room with a mission; to find and bring back her now treacherous brother, dead or alive, much to Mitsuki's pleasure.

A Chase through the Fire Nation

Lightning attack

Mitsuki attacks Mina and Kaila

A week after her appointment, Mitsuki and her friends finally found Chen, now joined into a group with Mina and Kaila. The team barely escapes the girls' wrath, though Mitsuki is intent on following them. Using her skills in pursuing tactics, she is able to locate Team Rebel at a train station. She fights Chen on the train, in which she easily is able to gain the upper hand in their battle, and defeats him by zapping the ground he is on with lightning, throwing him backwards, as Tam Mee and Quanlee also defeat Kaila. Mina, however, attempts to stop the train they are on, in which Mitsuki tried to stop her. She gave one final try to kill Mina, though she was a second too late and the train stopped, throwing her and her friends off the train. Mitsuki, however, knew that the team simply got lucky, and did not let the loss go into her head.

After tracking the team down, Mitsuki finally located them at Ember Island. She apparently learned of the Seedy Merchant's deal with the team, and she lured them into a trap, revealing herself to the team just before Chen was paralyzed by Tam Mee. Mitsuki ordered that Tam Mee and Quanlee fight Mina, while she fought Kaila on a cruise ship's mast. At first, she and Kaila are on equal footing, though Mitsuki inevitably gains the upper hand, and eventually, has Kaila at flame point. A second before she can end Kaila's life, Mitsuki is pushed into the water by a mysterious winged creature, allowing the team to escape her grasp. Mitsuki, though angry about the loss, realizes that the team journeying to Kein Forest may be an advantage for her and the Fire Nation. When asked to elaborate, Mitsuki simply smiled.

Attack on Kein Forest

When Azula decided she would destroy the Assassin Base hidden in the Fire Nation Capital, she had Mitsuki receive the mission of attacking the Rebel City in Kein Forest, something Mitsuki was extremely enthusiastic about. She oversaw the modification of her Royal Jet and all her other airships, with Tam Mee and Quanlee by her side.

Her armada then took of, dominating the skies, along with hundreds of ships. When Kambi sent a few scouts to see if there was any approaching danger, Mitsuki dropped a few bombs over to the scouts, killing all but one. The rebels barely had time to act as Mitsuki's fleet arrived at the city. After her soldiers were deployed, Mitsuki gave Tam Mee and Quanlee a mission; stop Chen and his little "girlfriends" in their tracks. Eventually, the rebels were forced to retreat to the city grounds, and Tam Mee and Quanlee then met Kaila and Chen in battle. Just as Mitsuki planned, Tam Mee did much destruction to the rebels defenses, and Chen was unable to bring himself to fight Quanlee.

Azula on airship

Mitsuki prepares to fight Mina while on a Royal Jet

As Mitsuki also planned, Mina was launched up to her Royal Jet, ready to engage her in combat. The two battled furiously, though Mitsuki clearly had the upper hand. Eventually, Mitsuki was able to shove Mina off the Royal Jet, in which Mina was barely able to save herself. Just then, Mitsuki received information from her captain that as she planned, Kambi is surrendering himself to the Fire Nation. Everything goes as Mitsuki planned, however, until somehow, Chen goes into the Avatar State, revealing himself to be the Avatar! Mitsuki is at first in shock by this, but quickly regains her composure, and goes to the top of the Royal Jet, eager for an "even match" with her brother.

Chen fires a massive flame at the jet, though Mitsuki counterattacks with her own flame, create an amazing yellow and blue fire show from the sky. However, despite Chen's incredibly boosted power, Mitsuki remains to be an even match, and eventually goes back to the ground. In this time, Tam Mee and Quanlee escape with most of the soldiers, though some of them die. Mitsuki, however, orders her captain to head to the Capital, as she has a back-up plan. She then looks out to the Rebel City one more time, and then says the last line of the season: "I promise you, Kein Forest, I'll be back."

A New Plan

When Mitsuki's armada returns to the Fire Nation Capital, she is greeted by Azula, who holds an emergency war meeting to discuss the defeat. During the meeting, Mitsuki apologizes to Azula for her loss, though Azula instead praises her for doing the right thing by evacuating the city, and matching Chen in power even when in the Avatar State, causing Mitsuki to smirk. After Tam mee states that Mitsuki has a back-up plan, Mitsuki and Azula discuss it alone. Though the discussion is not shown, it seems that releasing General Yi is the first part of it.

Azula attacks

Mitsuki attacking Care and her rebel group

Mitsuki quickly resumes her hunt for Chen following the defeat. She places hidden Fire Nation soldiers around the city. After Chen unwittingly steps out of the city's defense system, Mitsuki is able to have him captured. She has him taken to an island intertwined between the mortal world and Spirit World where he is unable to bend or contact his past lives for help. She tells Chen that she has no intention to kill him and let him get reborn; instead, she has Quanlee torture him. Quanlee proves disloyal to Mitsuki, however, and lets Chen go. Mitsuki is unaware of Quanlee's betrayal, believing it to be her soldiers' fault.

Following Chen's escape, Mitsuki and her friends take on new targets: a rebel girl named Care and her two friends. Despite the battle not being shown, Mitsuki and her friends prove superior, and defeat the three rebel girls.

Conspiracy of Kein Forest

Donned in expensive rebel clothing, Mitsuki and her friends infiltrate the Rebel City under their fake persona. To their luck, the members of Team Rebel are not currently present, and Mitsuki and her friends are warmly welcomed into the city by Kambi. Mitsuki immediately begins her conspiracy by staging an act in which she and her friends "save" Kambi from two rouge assassins that Mitsuki had smuggled in with them. The plan works, and Kambi, believing Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee to be his life-savers, allows them access to his administration and the city's master plan. Now with all the trust she can possibly obtain, Mitsuki steals the plans while Tam Mee distracts Kambi.

Azula's blue fire jets

Mitsuki jets herself toward Mina after striking Chen down

After stealing the plans, Mitsuki has a letter sent to Yi, which gives him authority to lead a small invasion against the city. Mitsuki states in the letter that by the time Yi arrives, she will have taken out the city's government, throwing their military into chaos. After sending the letter via messenger hawk, Mitsuki and her friends approach Kambi. Mitsuki reveals her true identity to him, and, before he can react, she has Tam Mee and Quanlee immobilize him. Mitsuki then has him taken down to a secret underground prison, in which she uses him as a hostage, ordering that the other prisoners be released and that Kambi and all the prison's guards lock themselves up. The guards are forced to cooperate, and release the prisoners, who prove loyal to Mitsuki.

Now with new allies, Mitsuki has the rest of Kambi's administration arrested. She then goes to greet Yi as his invasion reaches the city. She tells him that if he fails her in the battle, she will have him killed. Mitsuki runs back to the palace, though she is terrified to see Chen, Mina, and Kaila standing on the steps, having returned. Mitsuki is at first very much worried when it appears she may lose. However, she uses her skills in manipulation to trick Chen into thinking that she had Quanlee killed. Chen believes her, and in a rage, he attacks her. Before he can get to her, Mitsuki shoots a jet of blue fire straight into Chen's chest, which severely injures him.

Mina attacks Mitsuki to avenge Chen, and actually poses a formidable opponent to Mitsuki. Mitsuki is nearly killed by Mina, though Tam Mee saves her just before her chest can get pierced by an arrow. Mitsuki, now assisted by Tam Mee, Quanlee, and Yi, outnumbers Mina. Just before she can finish Mina and Kaila off, she is attacked by a lone group of rebels. She briefly focuses her attention on the rebels, and Mina, Kaila, and Chen are able to escape from her. Once Yi's invasion reaches the palace, Mitsuki officially has him reinstated as a general. She sits on Kambi's throne, and assumes control of the entire city, declaring that her nation has finally achieved world domination.


Ever since she was young, Mitsuki was a cruel and vicious girl. Due to the fact that she was told and raised that she was the best, Mitsuki developed a very conceited opinion of herself. Like Azula, her deadly and precise personality has granted her the ability's of her mother; lightning generation and blue fire.

Deprived of a social life, Mitsuki was not at all like a normal child, with much more of an adult personality than any other child. Despite this, Mitsuki was able to make friends with Tam Mee and Quanlee. She, however, does not treat them as they treat her, as she is constantly insulting Tam Mee for being "stupid", and making fun of Quanlee for her developing crush on Chen. Mitsuki rarely shows a softer side, and when she does she is either manipulating someone or apologizing for a much-to-vicious insult, usually to Tam Mee, who is quite sensitive.

Perhaps Mitsuki's most frightening quality is her absolute hatred of kind people. She sensed her brother was weak since the day she could remember, and used that as motivation to become the favorite in Azula's eyes. She treats her servants as if they were doormats, and has no problem with arresting a servant with a family, or, on some occasions, executing servants. Mitsuki also shows merciless precision in her Firebending training, going as far to state that if she accidentally kills someone in a spar, "it's their problem".



Blue fire shield

Mitsuki is an amazing Firebender

Like her mother, Mitsuki is a prodigy in Firebending. Her extensive training from Azula since she was two made her surpass all her girls her age in the Fire Nation Capital, and possibly in the entire world. Mitsuki has the rare ability to both generate lightning and create blue fire, traits Azula passed down to her. As Azula and many other people have stated, if she keeps up with her day by day increases in skill, she is sure to become the world's greatest Firebender. She is even powerful enough to be an even opponent for Chen when he is in the Avatar State.

Mitsuki can create formidable quantities of blue fire, and can generate lightning at a reasonable speed, making her an extremely difficult opponent to face. Chen states that Mitsuki was born a prodigy, though Azula's love and early training is what gave her the amazing powers she currently obtains. Mitsuki has also shown the ability to propel herself in the air with Firebending, a fighting tactic she uses as an element of surprise.

Mitsuki can also breath fire, though she only does this when her other limbs are incapacitated.

Other Skills

Like her mother, Mitsuki is very intelligent, so much as she was excused from school, and a skilled tactician, able to plan out all her steps during her Invasion of Kein Forest, and even in loss remained one step ahead of the rebels. At a young age, she was taught how to lie without any facial motions, and Mitsuki enjoyed using her new "powers" on an already love deprived Chen. She is also very agile, a skill she picked up from Tam Mee.

Non-canon Appearances

Mitsuki also appears in the non-canon special, Avatar: Clash of Worlds. She makes her first debut in Part 2. In it, she is portrayed as her cunning and calculating self, though this is dampened to a much more silly level due to her attraction to Nero. When Mitsuki's attraction to Nero gets the best of her judgment, she asks Nero to be her assistant, though Lian, Nero's partner, tells her that Nero would not accept her offer, instigating a vicious fight between the two.

Mitsuki and Lian fight viciously for hours, and the two ladies seem to be on even footing. However, in the midst of their battle, while Nero tries to stop them, Mitsuki and Lian end up accidentally hitting Nero with their attacks. Mitsuki's lightning soon injures him badly, but not long after that, Lian unknowingly drains all the blood from Nero's body to fight Mitsuki, once again killing him. Eventually, Mitsuki and Lian get tired of fighting, and, seeing Nero's dead body, Mitsuki begins to smoke pot by lighting a joint with Firebending (a recurring joke throughout the crossover) to try to ease her stress while Lian bends vodka in her mouth, with the goal of doing the same, and the two ladies nonchalantly converse.

Mitsuki once again appears in Part 3. She is depicted as being the opposite of her real self: totally idiotic and brainless. She seems to be even more of a pot-head. In the chapter, she is seen flying around the rebel heroes and scaring Avatar Mian by telling him she is his mother. She reveals her plan to assassinate Prince Zura's father and get to the place he lives in with her "Get me to the Fire Nation-inator" (which causes Mian to question her intelligence and Chen to ask her how much pot she has smoked), though she is sucked through the portal to the Fire Nation Plaza before trying the invention.

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