By Keitonashita Part of the Shoji's Journey continuity.
Biographical information

Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom


Currently in her late thirties



Physical description


Hair color

Mostly brown with streaks of gray

Eye color


Personal information

Hisa, Team Runaway


Fire Nation

Chronological and political information
First appearance


Mitsu is friend of Hisa and mother of Jin.


Mitsu was born into a humble family living on a farm just outside Ba Sing Se. She first went into the city when she was a little girl; her mother was taking her to the grand opening of the Ba Sing Se Zoo. There she met an older girl named Hisa who was visiting from the west. They became good friends and vowed to keep in touch. However, it was hard to do so.

A few years after she met Hisa, Mitsu's father got a job in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se. They moved to a small apartment. There, Mitsu met her future husband, Sao. A few years later, when Mitsu was twenty, she married him. By then, her parents were deceased and she had inherited their apartment.

Mitsu and Sao were overjoyed to have a baby girl, which they named Jin. Unfortunately, Sao was killed in a freak accident while working when Jin was only a few months old. Mitsu was devastated. But she carried on, seeing Sao inside her baby. However, she couldn't work; she had to take care of her baby.

It was at this point in time that Mistu resumed contact with Hisa. Hisa also had a child, although her child was two years older. They would take turns with childcare while the other worked. And so their children got older.

When Jin was ten, Mitsu and Hisa stopped swapping kids. Their children were old enough to stay home alone. During this time, Mitsu worked a lot more. Jin had tons of freedom. She spent most of her days roaming the village, which is how she came to know Zuko when she was about fourteen.


Mitsu is kind and sweet. She is full of love even though her life was not easy. She cares for all children she meets and feels joy when others are happy.

Appearances & References

Mistu appears in Song and The First Battle.

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