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Northern Water Tribe


33 (deceased)

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Water, Dual Katanas

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Firefighters, Karno, Katas, Aqua Assaulters


Fire Nation, Team Avatar, Pakku, Southern Water Tribe

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Anti-Fire Nation terrorist


Leader of the Firefighters



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Ever-Changing Plans

Mitros was a powerful Waterbending master hailing from the North Pole. Growing up under the tutelage of Pakku, he rose to being a powerful bender, easily one of the most powerful Waterbenders on the planet.

After the death of his brother during the Siege of the North and an apparent vision from the Ocean Spirit, he swore vengeance against Firebenders. His hatred is all encompassing, as he hates the Avatar, despite his efforts to end the War. Despite his hatred of Firebending, it is interesting to note that his style of Waterbending is very similar to Firebending, as it employs forceful jets of water and direct strikes.

As his attacks on the Fire Nation continued, his organization faltered, and many members were captured or killed during Fire Nation rebellions that took back their towns. Mitros went to the South Pole looking for reinforcements, and was eventually killed after an intense duel with his former master Pakku.

Early life

Mitros was born into a relatively poor family. His parents were a warrior and a mother forced into marriage by the tribes customs. Shortly after the birth of his younger brother, she killed herself due to her worsening depression. This left Mitros without a mother figure and no where to learn love and compassion from. He was placed in Pakku's care to learn Waterbending, which he excelled at a frightening pace. He used Pakku to learn deadly uses for water and some uses he came up with disturbed even Pakku. After he was deemed a master by Pakku, instead of helping Pakku teach students, Mitros seemed to leave the center of society and became a recluse living near the tundra.

Siege of the North

When the Fire Nation invaded, Mitros arrived in the city to help repel them. His skill was shown when he pulled up snow, made it into water, compressed the edge and spun it around it, slitting the throats of the Firebenders around him. He fought and killed an entire battalion of Fire Nation soldiers, impaling them with ice spears, before Zhao killed the moon spirit. Then, knowing he was powerless, he retreated to protect himself.

Waterbenders lose their bending

Mitros loses his Waterbending

Formation of the Firefighters

When the battle was over, he returned to his family's house to find that his brother was killed during the battle less than a mile from where he battled his soldiers. This caused Mitros to have nightmares and in one, he thought he received a message from the Moon and Ocean spirits to kill all Firebenders so his brother would be in peace. He formed the Firefighters the next day.

Attack on the Fire Nation

Mitros makes his first appearance in a dark room, training with his katanas. He is shown attacking ice dummys, trying to perfect a new move. After he misses a strike, he gets angry and uses his Waterbending to bring the targets back up for him to try again. He is then informed of the loss at Shu Jing Village, at which he becomes infuriated. He expresses his rage at Firebenders, and specifically the Avatar, who he blames for the death of his younger brother.

After the battle, it is revealed that he begins leading attacks on towns himself, and battles many Firebenders at once, killing them indiscriminately. After he hears of the village being liberated, he sends a special task force to eliminate them.

He later witnesses the Aqua Assaulter's failed attack on Team Avatar and kills a survivor who tries to run away. He reveals that he plans to do away with the Avatar, and has another plan, dealing with the number of Firefighters.

After a failed direct assault on Aang, followed by another failed assault on the entire team, Mitros retreats along with Katas to a nearby village they had conquered. After recuperating from the battles, Team Avatar stumbles into the town, forcing Mitros to fight again. After he fights for a while, he is forced to retreat again.

Struggles in the South

Mitros arrives in the Southern Water Tribe, intent on increasing the numbers of Firefighters. He approaches Hakoda, attempting to convince him that attacking the Fire Nation was the right thing to do. After a debate with Hakoda, he attempts to attack him, only to have the attack blocked by Pakku. Mitros taunted his former master, only to create a massive brawl amongst the Firefighters, Southern Warriors, and other Northern Waterbenders. Pakku battled against Mitros evenly, until he was briefly distracted. In this time, Mitros fought Katara evenly, and was shocked at the level of prowess. He resumes his struggle with Pakku, losing his footing in the battle. He is eventually overwhelmed and killed by Pakku, who believed he was righting his wrongs by ending his rebellious pupil. Mitros' body was placed on a raft along with the body of Katas and sent adrift into the ocean, a Water Tribe custom for traitors.


As a child, Mitros was a happy child unaware of his parent's problems. When his mother killed herself, this dealt a crushing blow to him. He decided not to become emotionally attached to any one besides his younger brother. He also possessed a cruel aspect to him, almost killing students in sparring matches. After the death of his brother, he lost the only thing he cared about and the cruel side of his personality took hold and became dominant. The death of his mother at such an early age has also caused a small dislodging of his mental state, as he truly believes that he was destined to destroy the Fire Nation. This one track mentality carries over into everything, including his katana training and how he expects those under him to act. Mitros frequently thinks in terms of absolutes, choosing to attack those who turn down his offers of alliance. He attacked both Hakoda and Pakku after they wouldn't listen to his logic on continuing the war, as well as killing a Firefighter who retreated from a battle with Team Avatar.



Mitros is an amazing Waterbender, being one of the best in the world. His cruel uses for water make him all the more deadly. He
Ice attack

Mitros Waterbending

enjoys using his bending to damage his opponents first before killing them, all the while taunting them. He invented a technique as a child while playing with his brother where he froze water on his opponent's hair causing it to spike up; he uses this in battle to stab enemies by pulling it off their heads and impaling them. He is shown to be able to duel other Waterbending masters for extended periods, as he faced both Pakku and Katara back to back. He is also able to attack and nearly defeat the Avatar with only the assistance of Katas. His prowess has only grown, being able to duel against the most powerful Waterbender in the world for an extended period, with only Pakku's attitude and constant verbal assaults interfering with his focus.

Katana swords

He frequently utilizes dual katana swords while fighting, and has invented a technique where he uses water whips to hold his swords while he spins around, causing a rotating blade moving at high speeds to cut enemies. He also uses them to part wave attacks coming from other Waterbenders. Mitros also uses his katanas so he can create very thin and sharp water blades to hack away at his foes.


Non-Canon Appearances

Mitros appears in the non-canon fanon crossover Clash of Worlds 2. He is portrayed as a lying playboy trying to gain power through meeting powerful women, such as Azula and Supreme Fire Lord Kama. The women fight over him and who has the right to have his kids, while Mitros stares in horror, and eventually runs away.

Mitros is characterized similarly in Clash of Worlds 3, where he attempts to kill M. Night Shyamalan for threatening Shamu.


  • His connection to Kratos is based off of his cruel personality and his nightmares about loosing his loved ones.

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