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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in The Boiling Rock, Part 2.

Chapter Seventy-Five: Mirror

He meditates, as he is wont to do, sitting cross-legged upon the floor, his fists touching, his eyes closed.

Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.

She sits across from him, also attempting to meditate, but she cannot sit still. She doesn't understand how he does it. She peeks at him, and her eyes travel from his head—shaven again, though she finds that she misses the crop of hair, just a little—to his bare left arm, to the last remains of his original outfit, the one that Azula destroyed.

"Don't open your eyes, Katara," he says without moving a muscle.

She gapes at him. "How did you—?"

"Close your eyes."

She closes them again.

"Meditate, Katara. Imagine the world not as a series of separate objects but as a map of the skies, with each life being a single star. A single point of light. Can you imagine that?"

She squeezes her eyes shut even tighter and tries to picture it. She can imagine herself as a great moon of blue light—but with a hint of scarlet, a hint of blood—and Aang as a sun emitting a bluish white. Beyond that, she thinks she can hear Momo chittering somewhere behind him. Another point of light, this one bright, sparkly, and peach-colored. And beyond that . . .

"Wait, and listen, and feel," he intones, and she concentrates.

Sokka and Zuko are practicing sword-fighting together somewhere on the other side of the fountain. Sokka is a dark blue, much deeper than hers, with sparkly white. Wow, my imagination's crazy today . . . Zuko is a mix of scarlet, black, yellow, and white.

Like the slightest thing could set the Firebender off.

Like Zuko is teetering on the rope, somewhere between humanity and savagery.

And Toph.

A deep, dark green. Full of life. Growing. Spurting. And Suki. Oh, Suki is watching the fight between Sokka and Zuko.

She hears her twinkling laugh.

Suki is cyan, caught halfway between the pull of the water and the strength of the earth.

And him.


She was wrong.

He isn't just a bluish white.

Something lurks beneath.

Something a blue so deep it appears black.

He is a mirror of her.





The Avatar Spirit.

Something that can be used for justice . . . or for evil.

And who are they?

What are they?

She is divided, and so is he.

The life.

The death.

Both separated from those they loved.

She, from her mother and her father.

He, from his guardian and his people.

Both forced to take on responsibility before they were ready.

She, by becoming the new mother of the family.

He, by becoming the new Avatar of the world.

Both struggling, torn by their divisions.

She, with the Bloodbending she possesses at her fingertips.

He, with the Avatar Spirit that lurks within.

But they complement each other.

He is her mirror.

And she is his.


"He meditates, as he is wont to do," -> That's a direct reference to No Objections, the "pilot episode" of ABCLAF.

This comes from my own experience at meditating.

"he, with the Bloodbending she possesses at her fingertips. He, with the Avatar Spirit that lurks within." -> Inspired by the Two Sides series I found on DeviantArt. I can't find the links, but if you know who did them, tell me so I can credit them properly. Love ya!

"Something a blue so deep it appears black." -> This is in reference to the Dark Queen's card, "a violet so deep it appears black", from Saga.

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