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ATLOM Logo By ShizukuTsukishima Part of the Avatar: The Legend of Miranda continuity.


Biographical information



Gaoling, Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

Birth place



Apartment in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se


227 AG


Korra (as the Avatar)

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

The elements

Bending style(s)

Earthbending, firebending, airbending, waterbending, energybending


Mir, Willy, Myrdin, Pablo, Vickey, Sun, Moon

Love interest(s)

William (boyfriend)


Mir, Willy, Myrdin, Ming, Dandelion, her mother, Tyro, Yakul, Zing Dang, Huang-Gi, Earth Guardians, Nora, Oracle of Laogai, William, Mike, Raggety, Sun, Moon, CeCe, Pablo, Vickey, Mir Jr., Peony


Lady Li-Hua, Raggety (formerly), Pei Qi, Tara (formerly), Nini

Chronological and political information
  • Avatar
  • Member of the Agrarian Park Council
  • Avatar
  • Head of economy at the Agrarian Park Hotel
  • Earth Kingdom
  • Team Avatar
  • Earth Guardian apprentices (formerly)
  • Agrarian Park
  • Agrarian Park Hotel
  • Agrarian Park Council

Tyro (formerly)

First appearance

"Home Sweet Gaoling"

Miranda is the Earth Kingdom-born Avatar immediately succeeding Avatar Korra of the Southern Water Tribe. She is the daughter of Mir and his wife, the sister of Willy and Myrdin, the mother of Pablo and Vickey, and the grandmother of Sun and Moon.

By 274 AG, Miranda serves as the head of economy of the Agrarian Park, as well as a member of the Agrarian Park Council.


Miranda is the Avatar after Korra. An evil Lady named Li-Hua uses a green smoke to make all the benders of Earth Kingdom weak and makes her helpers unleash it.

In the morning, Miranda discovers that the Earth Kingdom is weak, and Gaoling's Earth Guardian, Su, has been kidnapped. She takes it upon herself to find Tyro, the Guardian of Ba Sing Se, and ask him for help. Her brothers Willy and Myrdin, her best friend Dandelion, and her blue jay Ming accompany her. As they get to Ba Sing Se, they follow an earthbender to find Tyro.

Tyro gives Miranda his Earth Amulet before he gets kidnapped by Li-Hua. Yakul, a flying bison, comes to take Team Avatar to the Foggy Swamp. There, they plan to meet a firebender named Huang-Gi, who can help them defeat Lady Li-Hua because she used to work for her. On the way, the they meet Zing Dang, leader of the Laogai Village.

Huang-Gi doesn't want to help at first, but she wants to help Tyro because he believed Huang-Gi was good after she stopped working for Lady Li-Hua. They go to Lady Li-Hua's lair and stop her from taking the Earth Guardians' powers.

However, Lady Li-Hua and her assistant Pei Qi manage to escape.


As the Avatar, Miranda is able to bend all four elements and enter the Avatar State at will.


Miranda lives with Mir, Willy and Myrdin. However, Ming, her blue jay, is the one she shares her room with. When she is made fun of, she let them get what they deserve. She is a kind, nice, friendly, smart, brave, and strong, but also often a paranoid Avatar. She usually shows the way for other humans and animals too. She always has hope and in difficult times, she comes up with great ideas.




Mir and Miranda have a close relationship.

Her mother

Miranda's mother died when Miranda was very young, but they had a close relationship. Miranda is wearing her mother's clothes.

Willy and Myrdin

Miranda and her brothers have a close relationship, however, since she is the oldest one and the Avatar, she is usually the boss of the siblings.



Ming is Miranda's blue jay and is perhaps the closest to her. Even in the most dangerous circumstances, she is next to Miranda.


Dandelion is Miranda's best friend. She is very protective of Miranda and always tries to help her in any situation. Miranda also cares for her and worries about her.

Zing Dang

When they first met, Miranda and Zing Dang seemed to like each other. Zing Dang didn't want Miranda to leave.


Tyro tries to teach Miranda and comfort her.


Avatar: The Legend of Miranda

Book One: Start (開始)

Book One: Start (開始)
Prologue: A New Beginning - Chapter 1: Home Sweet Gaoling - Chapter 2: Smoke and Darkness - Chapter 3: The Friends You Haven't Met - Chapter 4: Journey to the Foggy Swamp - Chapter 5: The Union Point - Chapter 6: Return to Gaoling - Chapter 7: The Laogai Village - Chapter 8: The Oracle of Laogai - Chapter 9: The Spiritbender - Chapter 10: A Missed Friend - Chapter 11: Tyro's Apprentice - Chapter 12: Back in the City - Chapter 13: The Young Masters - Chapter 14: The Big Day - Chapter 15: The Showdown of Ba Sing Se - Epilogue: The Agrarian Park
Book Two: Disease (疾病)

Prologue: The One - Chapter 1: The Shocking Truth - Chapter 2: Past and Present - Chapter 3: New Projects - Chapter 4: Conclusion - Chapter 5: Family Drama - Chapter 6: Preparations - Chapter 7: The Auction - Chapter 8: City vs. Heart - Chapter 9: The Crossroads of Love - Chapter 10: Wilbert Alone - Chapter 11: Healing - Chapter 12: The Lack of Forgiveness - Chapter 13: The Search of Jin-Zul, Part 1 - Chapter 14: The Search of Jin-Zul, Part 2 - Chapter 15: Separation - Chapter 16: Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 1 - Chapter 17: Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 2 - Chapter 18: Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 3 - Chapter 19: Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 4 - Chapter 20: Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 5 - Epilogue: After That


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