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Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


Republic City, United Republic




150 AG

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Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

dual sai, kunai, earth

Bending style(s)



Daigon, Rema, Seito


Rema, Seito, Daigon, Nayakan, Kanno, Kesuk, Unalaq, Nalani, Bolin


Yakone, Xiu Lian, unnamed waterbending assassins

Chronological and political information



Nayakan, Bolin

Miran is a somewhat erratic journalist in Republic City. He, along with journalism as a profession, never came to prominence until he conducted a set of four interviews with Unalaq live on the radio.


Early Life

Miran was born in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se to a single mother who died giving birth to him. He was raised by his grandparents, Rema & Seito, for the first five years until he met his father, Daigon, the Earth Kingdom's representative for the United Republic Council. From then on, he moved to Daigon's permanent resident in the upper ring to live with his stepmother, Xiu Lian, and two half sisters.

All was well until Miran was 8 when Daigon was assassinated by the Red Monsoons, a triad created by the infamous bloodbender, Yakone, himself. He became the target of his stepmother's verbal and physical abuse, and it wouldn't be until he returns to Ba Sing Se nearly 20 years later that he learns why. He still lived a glamorous appearance into adulthood when he was granted admittance to the University of Republic City and moved out. He became a wild young man in college, falling out of touch with his kinder, more innocent self, and became a sly, smooth talker in the process.

He knows he sired an illegitimate child in his university days, but the mother refuses to let him see his daughter, something that Miran will come to deeply regret. He took on a job waiting tables before he quit after only weeks of rude customers and low pay, later taking on a part-time job as Southern Water Tribe Councilman Kanno's assistant.

Journalism Career

He works freelance, offering his services to whoever wants him. His first editorial was about the resurgence of the Equalists and speculation on whether Amon is the same man or if he is the original that died with Councilman Tarrlok. He later wrote an article and conducted an interview with President Raiko about his gathering of the former Council Members to aid him in deflecting the Equalists quietly.

Subsequently, from the events of the Second Equalist Revolution, the Council was reformed with the original members, minus the late Tarrlok. Miran covered the entire process of rebuilding the council, naming Tenzin the Council Chairman, and having the Northern Water Tribe elect a new Council Member. When he learned that it was not Unalaq who would make that decision, but his son, now, Chief Desna, Miran's became curious about what had happened in the Northern Water Tribe. From there, he made a point to track Unalaq down, but would be unsuccessful for nearly 6 years.

Meeting Unalaq

When he finally tracked down Unalaq at the Western Air Temple, he played with a 3 year old boy named Kesuk and was reminded of himself at such a young age. Miran felt like he was forgetting something, but the thought was lost when he finally met Unalaq face to face. Immediately, his request to interview Unalaq live on the radio was denied. Miran pressed Unalaq for weeks via phone and letters, telling him it would benefit him to share his story with the world, since no one really knows.

The first day of the interviews Miran mainly inquires about Unalaq's current life. This is when he learns that Kesuk, the little airbender at the Western Air Temple, is actually Unalaq's third child. The second day was about the Dark Avatar and Unalaq's spiritual ties. The third day was about Unalaq's relationship with the current Avatar incarnation, his niece. The final day focused on his early life and how he, the second born, became chief of the North.

Miran had only wanted to satisfy his curiosity about Unalaq and conduct an interview that could define his career, but as Miran learned more, he grew sympathetic towards Unalaq. After the interviews were said and done, he felt that Unalaq had really changed and Miran became the former chief's biggest defender when people became critical after learning the truth.

Months later, Unalaq personally sought out Miran, thanking the journalist for helping him move on from his past. Miran noted that he should thank Unalaq for giving him the honor to dissect his life with an audience. Miran took Unalaq to his yacht and they sailed out to the high seas, this time Miran exposing all his secrets.

Return to Ba Sing Se

Miran & Unalaq parted ways after the yacht trip but keep in contact via letters and occasional phone calls. When they met in person again almost two years later at the Western Air Temple, when he's declared Unalaq's daughter - Nalani's - godfather, Miran revealed to Unalaq that he was going to go to Ba Sing Se to try to find his stepfamily and then his maternal grandparents. The journalist intended to get answers from his stepmother about his mistreatment and Unalaq offered to tag along so Miran wouldn't try to enact revenge. They got into a brief argument about how they should take themselves to Ba Sing Se (boat, train, bison), which Miran came out as the victor because trains are simply the most practical.

Upon their arrival to the Earth Kingdom capital, Unalaq felt that they had been followed. This turned out to be true when they are ambushed by a group of waterbenders wanting to kill Unalaq. The journalist and former chief were on the defensive, despite Miran revealing himself to be an excellent kunai knife wielder and Unalaq bending the same element as their attackers, and the fight nearly ended badly for them when Miran unexpectedly bent himself and Unalaq into a small fissure he created. Reacting quickly, Unalaq bent the moisture out of the ground and pulled the two of them out of the rock. Pushing what happened out of his mind, he continued the fight with only his kunai, and very quickly ended the fight with a kunai in each assailant's throat. Afterwards, he expresseed his shock to Unalaq about how he had never had to kill anyone before.

Tracking down Xiu Lian is easy enough, and done within one day. Xiu Lian is hospitable and invited both men to stay the night. The following morning, Miran asked about her awful treatment of him, and at this point, Unalaq quietly slipped out the door to give them privacy. Xiu Lian told her stepson she treated him the way she did because he was a boy, and he reminded her of her abusive husband, Miran's father. Also, Miran's presence in the house only reminded Xiu Lian of when her husband cheated on her with a prostitute and caused her to resent both father and son. Miran understood her response but told her it is no excuse for extending the violence to a little boy. He informed her that he's an earthbender, just like Daigon, and has been training under a metalbending cop in Republic City. He pinned her hands to the floor with earthbending and told her he should return all the pain she caused him as a child. In a blind rage, Miran almost killed his stepmother were it not for Unalaq's timely return. Defeated, the journalist released Xiu Lian and promptly left, guilty and griefstricken.


Miran always thought of himself as a nonbender since he never showed any bending ability before his father was killed. Because of this, in college, he saw the need to find himself a suitable weapon that was easily concealed under the more streamlined fashions of Republic City. He acquired a set of kunai knives and began practicing them in his limited spare time, but found he had a very poor long distance aim and gave up on them.

Near the end of his first year at the university, he saw a pair of dual sai that he thought looked interesting and decided to buy them. That day he only thought of them as decoration until his roommate complimented how invaluable they could be in saving his life if used right. When he finally had time at the end of his first year, he located a swordmaster named Nayakan who helped him hone his abilities with the sai and commented that he was a natural with them. Miran stated that he wished he were the same with his kunai knives. Nayakan offered to teach Miran if the college student could put in the time.

It took over a year for Miran to correct and acquire good aim with the kunai, but by the time he had mastered both weapons, the kunai became his weapon of choice because those were small and easily hidden under his clothing. However, he still remained more proficient with the dual sai and preferred to have those on hand in a fight.

Considering he didn't discover he was a bender until he was over 30 years old, that meant mastering the element was difficult for him. He is lighter on his feet than most earthbenders, but this is due to learning from Bolin, a former probender, and often bends unintentionally in times of great emotional distress.


  • Miran and his desire to interview Unalaq are directly inspired by David Frost and the Nixon Interviews.

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