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The Battle for Republic City, formally known as the Miracle of Republic City, was a battle fought between the Coalition of the United Forces and Hellenic Army against the Earth Empire. It was fought in the first year of the Great War and was the culmination of the Earth Empire's offensive campaign. It was the first battle where true electric weapons were utilised. It marked a turning point in the war.

Information of the war is written by the 3rd century AG historian, Herodotus. It also includes accounts from generals at the time of the battle.


With the Earth Empire's victories in the Crossing of Katara River and the Battle of Beifong Pass, they had an unobstructed path to Republic City. President Philip Hellene commissioned Varrick and Asami Sato to develop electroguns and EMP grenades to fight the Mecha Suits. By the time of the Battle, owing to the Beifong Pass sacrifice, the troops were well equipped with the new weaponry and trained to an adequate extent. 

Lin Beifong was tasked with organising her police force, volunteers and pro-benders into a Home Guard, which supplemented Coalition forces. Lin had to conscript many teams of pro-benders, for they were unwilling. Although pro-benders were good fighters, they were not soldiers and did not have the time to be trained.



I never would have expected a year ago that I would be fighting to defend Republic City, rather than capturing it. It was the first time I wore my new uniform - an olive green blazer with a green and grey tie. I kept my mound of metal shards on my back and on my arms. I would need them. I inspected one of the EMP grenades that Varrick invented. Mine had a metal strip welded into them, allowing me to bend them for greater distance.

Alongside Philip, I inspected the men. Behind rows of barbed wire and land mines, our men took position behind mounds of sandbags and earth walls. I got a glimpse of the new electric rifles for the first time. They were magnificent creations, allowing non-benders to fight on equal terms. Fixed underneath the barrel, was a sharp, serrated knife, presumably for close range combat. The rifles lay flat on the bags, with the defenders crouching. Korra came late, her tie was sticking out of her pocket. I do not believe for one moment that she was experienced at fighting in those clothes.

The Earth Empire forces arrived on the horizon and we opened fire with our turrets, hoping to damage the attackers. We needed to take out their Mecha Suits and artillery. Their air force swept through, dropping bombs before being chased off the scene by ours. After several explosions in the distance, the intensity of the bombardment lowered. The mechs came within range. I raised a column and stopped their electric attack. I bended my EMP grenades at the suits and disabled many of them. Korra stood and fought by my side the whole time. Of course, we were still trying to out do each other.

We were attacked by the infantry. If things remained the same as when I was in charge, most of these men were conscripts. That would explain how I dealt with a dozen of them in a minute. As the battle raged on, our men suffered very few casualties and the attackers ran away. We gave chase and by the end of the day, we had come within two dozen kilometres of Katara River.


Earth Empire biplanes flew to our line. I ordered the men to scramble. Joining them, I jumped into a biplane and took off. The bombs had already landed, but we could still give the Empire a fight, perhaps we could even stop them from bombing again. We met with the biplanes as they were returning from a sortie. We cut them off and opened fire with our electroguns. Our guns burned through their wooden wings. They were unable to fight back, save for the occasional metal shard. We returned to refuel and resupply.

When we took off again, we intercepted Earth Empire Airships. Alas, our guns proved ineffective and dealt little damage at all. We tried numerous times to breach them, sortie after sortie. Some concentrated fire strikes from below were able to damage propellers and sometimes breach the hull. I decided it would be best to fly above the airships and bomb them. It seemed to work, but left us vulnerable to their guns. We suffered casualties. Eventually, they turned around. Lucky, too, for otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to hold them off.


I fought by my friend Nikkolas as we fought in a non-bender fortification. Mecha suits and infantry men fell like flies when facing our modern might. Nikkolas firebended furiously into his mounted metal tube. The attackers were simply torn to shreds.

As the battle raged on, I noticed Ephialtes leading his men. Presumably, he was trying to claim glory in what he though would be an easy battle. I literally leapt at the opportunity to fight him. I tunnelled under the ground and erupted out, knocking him over. I then punched him with what I expected to be a wine-dark flame, yet somehow, it was grey - just like the sky. He broke my flame and returned with one of his own. Just like Ignus, I thought, he wouldn't last long. We had a fire duel and then later fought with tendrils of air. That is funny. I didn't know Ephialtes could bend air as well. To my surprise, I found he could bend all four. The little bugger stole my research. I was able to redirect and convert his attacks. Eventually, I doused him in water and knocked him over. The coward filled my vision with smoke and fled. When he left, I was surrounded by mechs. I defeated them with ease.


After the battle, the Earth Empire fled back to Katara River and their advance was finally halted. This led to a prolonged stalemate and the end of the war of movement. Eventually, both sides dug in, heralding a long period of bloody trench warfare.

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