By The Snowbold Part of the Storms of the Future Cycle continuity.
Biographical information

Wolfsbane, Scorch-face

Birth place

Fire Bay

Physical description
Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire Lily




Amira (Daughter)


Akira, Kuro, Nagrim, Elasa


Rozu, Kurotama

Chronological and political information

Kash Rak





Mira was a human wielder of the Ish Kash, the Fire Lily. She was the first woman to wield an Ish Kash.


Mira was a human born when Spirits began invading the human world after the portals were opened from the Spirit World. When the Spirits began to aggressively attack humans, her father was selected as a warrior to fight and wield an Ish Kash, the special swords made by Nifrin witches.

When he returned, however, he was ambushed and killed by Kasai and Akahito. The two proceeded to slaughter the village when Mira gathered the courage to take his sword and fight back. She wounded Kasai, though that just made him angrier. She would have been killed had she not been saved by a one-armed warrior named Akira. Akira killed the fire spirit and fended off the blood spirit, Akahito.

Akira tauntingly invited the young woman, explaining that he was taking the Fire Lily with him, if she wanted to stay with it, she would have to follow. Mira was accepted by the others, but had to be trained. Akira was given the task, since he was the most handicapped and most capable trainer after Kuro, who was too busy to teach anyone else.

Mira would eventually master the massive Ish Kash and become a notorious loner in battle. Still, she was friendly with most of her comrades and grew particularly close to Akira. Mira would fight in the final battle with the Spirits where Rozu sent Wolfspawn to corner Ikari. To save him, she managed to kill the Wolf Lord, earning herself the name Wolfsbane. With the end of the war at Shadow Hill, the warriors departed their own ways, however they were all drawn back by a new crisis.

Kuro had gone mad and began killing Ish Kash wielders and Nifrin. The warriors banded together to face their former leader. Exhausted in the fight, Mira watched as Kuro was slain by his own brother, Akira. The Kin Slayer left for other lands and Mira left with him.

The two would eventually marry and have children, including at least one son and one daughter, Amira. Amira would inherit her mother's sword and depart for Shadow Hill, though she never returned.


Mira was a proficient swordsman and warrior. She learned magic in order to use the Fire Lily to its fullest but was not the best in its application. She was known to often make spells that backfired on her, earning her the nickname, Scorch Face.

Mira wielded a very unusual Ish Kash. The Fire Lily was the largest of its kind, a nodachi and was almost as tall as her. She had a hard time mastering the use of it, but managed to gain the level to face even Akira, the fastest of the warriors in a duel.


Mira was a tough and strong-headed woman known to take on any challenge to prove that being a woman wasn't an obstacle. She had a reputation of being a loner, but this was also her attempt at proving her strength.

She was friendly with Elasa, a witch known to make friends with humans, and Akira, her teacher. She would eventually fall in love with him and marry him after the war.


  • Mira was strong and deceptively fast.
  • Mira was known to hit people without thinking when angry.
  • Mira burned down a forest by accident when a fire spell backfired during practice. The Nifrin didn't forgive her for it.

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