Opening Kyoshi earthbending By Midori122407 Part of the Avatar: Tales of the World continuity.
Opening Kyoshi earthbending
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Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Kyoshi Island


Kyoshi Island




153 AG

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Steel Fans

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Mystic Earth.



Metal Bending



Shii Ann



Kyoshi Warriors,

Lin Beifong


Avatar Korra



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Mystic Earth Bending Teacher

Kyoshi Warrior


Avatar Kyoshi

Mystic Earth Bending Academy

Kyoshi Island


Pai Long

Lin Beifong


Kyoshi Apprentices

First appearance

Avatar Tales Of The World

Minori's History

Minori was born on Kyoshi Island, where she trained to become a Kyoshi Warrior. During her early years, she was forced to go to earthbending training with her master, Pai long, who taught her how to use a style of earthbending called Mystic Earth. She later went to Republic City to learn how to metalbend from Lin Beifong. She stayed at the air temple while she trained and became good friends with June. She then went back to Kyoshi Island to finish her training and is now a Kyoshi Warrior.

Minori's Personality and Appearance

Minori is serious about all aspects of life and is determined to have a respectable life she is tough, assertive and not afriad to speak her mind like Familiar someone of the past. Following the teachings of her ancestors, she fights with pride and makes herself known on the battle field, Minori has a very compassionate and loyal spirit, Minori is self Confident and Tough like fomer leader Suki. Minori is impressive in hand-to-hand combate using Martial Arts over earthing bending to show dominance. Minori has long brown hair which she keeps in a ponytail. She has black eyes and is always wearing make-up green eyeshadow and red lipstick, when on the battlefield and off. She wears the traditional Kyoshi Warrior garb when on mission, but is often seen in a jade kimono when in her downtime, with her hair let down and Straw Sandles. 

Minori's Mystic Earth Training

At age five, Minori began training in the elite style of earthbending called Mystic Earth. This style is an eloquent but aggressive way of earthbending. Unlike the traditional way of bending, the bender makes fast but soft movements almost to make like they are dancing instead of bending. Mystic Earthbenders are considered one of top of earthbenders in the world and are considered an art on themselves.

Minori in Republic City

At age eleven, Minori moved to Republic City to learn how to metalbend under the tutelage of Lin Beifong. While under Lin's training, she learned how to bend aggressively and learned how to be a better earthbender. While she trained there, she lived at Air Temple Island and became good friend with June. She would always spend time with June to hear of how his day went and how he was doing. The two would always do everything together and were never separated. They remained good friends to the day, with June always visiting Kyoshi Island in his spare time.

Minori the Kyoshi Warrior

At age twelve, Minori completed the test and was a full Kyoshi Warrior. She is the only one out of all the warriors that can earthbend and is the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. She has them train everyday and makes no excuse for anything.

Minori's Task

Minori was asked by Shizo to have the Kyoshi Warriors search for the destined one and help the world in any type of affairs that may need help.

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