By Gingalover Part of the Fauna continuity.

These are the minor characters of the story of Fauna. Mainly including all the other, unnamed characters of the farm.

Goat Dog


The goat dog shows sleeping in front of Mr. Limber's porch. He tries going away but gets kicked instead.

He informs Shawn that Spike is "dying", hearing that Shawn is too.



The cat was seen before the first battle, seeing the humans come back. she didn't bother to tell the others though.

She was found in one of the houses during the exploration of the houses. She protests in sleeping in a humans house for awhile until the crowd made even her agree.

Turtle Ducks and Turkey ducks


They all were a bit annoyed with the "Four legs good, two legs bad" thing, until Crow told them wings count as legs.

Due to the new privileged they were forced to bring out, they rebelled against Spike, whom ether killed or banished them as a result.



He shows making a successful trade with the pigs of limber farm. For the eggs and milk, he gives them a bottle of whiskey and a crate full of jams.

He was mentioned by Shawn, saying he saw him call the hospital for Henry after he heard of the bad news.

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