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This is a page solely dedicated to the minor/flat canon-based and non-canon-based characters of A:TLAR.


Kai was a 34 year-old naval high officer serving under Zotu after he had been exiled. Kai resented having a captain that was fifteen years younger than him, and when he was given the order to stop an attack on a Fire Nation village, Kai took his chance and ignored the command, raining hell down upon the village of Rhao Han. At heart, beneath his arrogance and pride, Kai was a coward, pleading for his life after Zotu successfully defeated him in an Agni Kai.

Appearance: Chapter Two:The Journey Begins



Lee was an 18 year-old grunt serving on Zotu's ship in the year 99 ASF. Seeking to spend time with his girlfriend Miza on the mainland, Lee sent his younger brother in his place. However, Zotu was infuriated when he discovered this, and sent a command to one of his other ships to find and raze Rhao Han, the village that Lee resided in. Despite Zotu's subsequent change of heart, the order followed through anyway; Rhao Han was heavily damaged by Kai's soldiers and Lee was killed by Kai.

Appearance: Chapter 2



Miza was a young woman living in the coastal Fire Nation colony of Rhao Han. Her late boyfriend Lee was killed by Kai, one of Lee's superior officers in the Fire Navy. Following the attack on Rhao Han and the death of the only person who kept her in the "backwater" town (as she thought of it) Miza chose to follow Ain, Kyasin and Sakodi before finally finding a place for herself amongst the Freedom Fighters.

Appearances: Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 8,

Katara and Haru

These two are completely incompatible, people. Move along, nothing is going to happen here.


Hodu was a young man native to the small southern Earth Kingdom town of Obos, which recently became occupied by Fire Nation soldiers, although the town hasn't been officially claimed by the Fire Nation and is still residence to only natives, rather than colonists as well or only colonists. Hodu became a fugitive from the local soldiers since he attempted to free his father when he was being escorted west to the prison rig where all civilian Earthbenders are being taken. Hodu hid out in ravines and small canyons outside the town during his time as a fugitive. Eventually, he was arrested and brought to the offshore prison rig, with Kyasin in tow, as she sought to liberate the Earthbender prisoners. Once Kyasin had overthrown the guards and executed Warden Liruk, he gladly swore loyalty to this new rebellion, inspired by her power and defiance.

Appearances: Chapter 4,

Xin Fu

Tyro during the invasion

Xin Fu is the organizer of the unofficial Earth Rumble Circuit in an unnamed Earth Kingdom ghost town, and said town's self-appointed leader. Xin Fu crafted the Earth Rumble tournament to take advantage of the many EK citizens that could not afford to travel to Ba Sing Se for the National Earth Tournament. He has been using the substantial profits obtained from these spectators to keep the ghost town afloat, while gathering his own tidy cut by gambling on the winners of rigged matches. Xin Fu splits the profits he earns from betting on Toph with her fifty-fifty. Seeking only to protect her from the Fire Nation and the Enforcers, Xin attempted to force Toph to leave by hiring ringers to defeat her in Earth Rumble. However, she was unaware of this until their final meeting, during which he was shot and killed by an Enforcer.

Appearance: Chapter 6




The idealistic Fire Nation soldier known as Enri.

Enri is a young soldier serving under the Fire Nation military. He was born in Triil, a Fire Nation Colonial city on the northeastern coast of the EK continent, which was established during the apex of Sazia's reign as Firelord. The city's social state has degraded since Ozai claimed the throne, greatly concerning Enri, who once possessed great pride for the cultural integration that his birth-city had achieved.

Appearances: Chapter 5,

The Enforcers

Appearance: Chapter 6

General Temujin

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