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Those Bored Eyes




Chapter 7

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Nathan Miranda


Nathan Miranda

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August 3, 2011

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NOTE: This chapter is not chronologically placed with the other chapters. It is a one-shot extra minisode.

This is the last of the minisodes for now. The next chapter will jump right back into the story.


I sat on the front porch of my house and sulked. No, I didn't sulk, I cried.

Crying is a terrible feeling. Why should I cry?

My whole life was ruined. That's why I cried. All of the friends I'd made and the things I'd come to love were about to be ripped out of my hands. And I could do nothing.

"What's wrong," Zuko approached me from behind and sat down next to me. He had come to my house just for me.

"My father was appointed governor of Omashu," I said quietly.

"Isn't that good?" he asked.

"No," I replied. How could it be good? "It means my family is moving away all the way to the Earth Kingdom." Zuko suddenly looked sad.

"I'll miss you," he said.

Zuko would miss me.

Not Azula.

I'd already told her about my situation. She had waved it off, "Oh, you'll be alright. There are plenty of opportunities in the Earth Kingdom. Think about how you will have a chance to go the Ba Sing Se. Maybe you will be the one to help my father tear its walls down. Mai, only good things will come of this."

"I'll miss you too, Zuko," I told him.

"What are you going to do?" He asked.

"I haven't the slightest idea," I replied.

"Hey, at least it will give you an opportunity to get away from here," Zuko said, smiling, "Everyone knows how bored you get."

"I do not get bored," I nudged him on the shoulder, "But I guess it would be interesting going to a new place...but not forever."

"It won't be forever, I'm sure," Zuko said.

I smiled. Even if Azula didn't care if I moved, Zuko would care. He always cared.


"Even if you don't believe me it's true!!" Zuko's voice thundered out of the Firelord's audience hall. Most of the staff and residence of the palace had wandered to the outside of the doors leading into it. What was going on? Was the crown prince threatening his own father?

I couldn't believe my ears. Zuko was actually objecting to one of the strategic plans made by one of the Firelord's most trusted advisors. Such an act meant death for the common person, but surely nothing could happen to Zuko.

Surely not.

I tried to listen closely to what was going on in the audience hall, but it was impossible to hear. I waited around for a while with the other people standing there, but soon I had to leave. My family was moving to Omashu the next day and I had to help them get everything ready.

I tried to focus on my work, but it was impossible. I worried constantly about Zuko. That evening, I decided I could wait no longer. I walked straight to Zuko's chambers but he wasn't there. I then looked for someone who might know where he was, but it seemed as though everyone in the palace was gone. I heard noise from the arena outside so I went there.

"What's going on?" I asked someone standing there.

"An Agni Kai!" he shouted, trying to be heard over the noises of all the people.

"What? Between who?" I asked, confused.

"Prince Zuko, and I don't know who else," he responded, "Wait, I think it's starting. I have to go get my seat."


Agni Kai.

That's all I heard. What had he gotten himself into? No doubt the advisor he had argued with had challenged him to an Agni Kai. I walked closer to where the fight would be. I waited and watched. That's all I could do.

Then, it happened. Zuko walked into the arena. He kneeled facing the ground. He was waiting for his opponent to come. The crowd gasped in fear when the opponent walked out. I nearly fell dead.

Out in the arena, Firelord Ozai walked for an Agni Kai.

I couldn't watch. But I had to. So I waited as the two opponents kneeled, facing the opposite direction. Zuko still couldn't see who he was fighting. When he turned, his face turned to horror. I knew Zuko. He wouldn't fight his own father.

He wouldn't.

He couldn't.

Then the final signal was heard. The Agni Kai started. Zuko begged to his father. He cried and poured out his heart. He would do anything to stop this terrible battle. The Firelord would not listen.

I closed my eyes. The Firelord raised his hands, and the arena was lit up. A bright light flashed then left. Zuko was on the ground. His body was limp and broken. There on his face was a burn. It was still glowing orange with a few embers just beginning to lose their glow. His face would never again be complete. Never again would I see both of those cheerful eyes.

That day, I lost my home...and I lost Zuko.


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