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Those Bored Eyes




Chapter 6

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Nathan Miranda


Nathan Miranda

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July 7, 2011

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NOTE: This chapter is not chronologically placed with the other chapters. It is a one-shot extra minisode.

This chapter is for all of you Maiko fans. Although it is brief, I hope you guys like it.


Azula, Ty Lee, and I walked down the halls of the Fire Nation Palace. Trumpets sounded and the people outside could be heard cheering. Today was Firelord Ozai's birthday, and the whole city was celebrating. My friends and I were going to see the whole thing from one of the outdoor balconies. We climbed the stairs that led to our balcony, passing many doors that led to other ones. Soon, we came to ours and we went through the door to the balcony.

"Isn't this exciting?" Ty Lee exclaimed.

"Yes," Azula said, "Look at all those people who love father." I didn't say anything. I was hungry.

"I'm going to get some fireflakes," I said, "What anything?" "That's okay," Ty Lee said.

"I'm good," said Azula. I shrugged, and left the balcony. I walked down the stairs, and headed for the food booths outside. There was lots of food and lots of people, so it was hard to make my way through to find some fireflakes. Finally, I bought some, and then returned to the palace.

As I walked inside, I thought about all the people outside. They really seemed to love the Firelord. Was he really nice to them? He hadn't ever down anything for my family, so I didn't think he would for the common folk. Why did they seem to love him? Maybe they were just pretending, I thought.

I came to a door, and opened. I looked up, expecting to see Azula and Ty Lee sitting there, but instead I saw Zuko. I had come to the wrong balcony!

"Hi Mai," Zuko said, confused, "Want to stay here with me. I'm kind of lonely."

"Uh, sure," I said. Oh great! Now look what you've gotten yourself into.

"How are you?" I asked, trying to make conversation without acting conspicuously.

"I'm good," he said, "What do you think of the party?"

"The people seem to really love your dad," I said.

"Nah," Zuko replied, "They know that they have to support him or else he won't support them."

"So they don't love him?" I asked.

"Nope," he said, "I don't think anyone but family actually loves him."

I sighed, "Do you?"

"Of course," he said quickly, "He's my dad."

"I really should be going," I said, standing up.

"All right," he said disappointedly.

"See you around," I said.

"Wait," Zuko said, "Here. Take this flower." He handed me a white flower from the flowerbox on the balcony. He likes me?

"Thanks," I said, blushing. With that, I began to walk away. Then, I stopped. "Do you like me?" I asked, quietly. Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Zuko looked surprised, "Of course. I-I mean everyone like you."

"I meant like, like me," I was getting really embarrassed. I was making myself look stupid.

"I think I do," Zuko replied.

"Me too," I said. I kissed him quickly on the cheek, and then ran out the door. I think I must have looked as red as the Fire Nation flags in the palace when I walked up the stairs. I came to the right door, and walked onto the balcony where Azula and Ty Lee were.

"Where were you?" Azula asked.

"Yah, what took so long?" Ty Lee asked.

"The line for the food booth was long," I said quickly, "So it took awhile to get the fireflakes."

"Oh, I see," Azula said, looking at me suspiciously.

I sat down and quietly munched on my fireflakes.

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