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Mai drenched
Chapter information

Those Bored Eyes




Chapter 5

Written by

Nathan Miranda


Nathan Miranda

Release date

July 6, 2011

Last chapter

The Chase Part 2

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NOTE: This chapter is not chronologically placed with the other chapters. It is a one-shot extra minisode.


I skipped a rock across the pond in the Fire Nation Palace's garden. Azula had invited Ty Lee and me to come over and play. They were practicing their gymnastics, but I stayed alone by the pond. The ducks in it were swimming in circles, looking for food. I decided to get them something to eat from the kitchen.

"I'll be back," I said.

"See you," Ty Lee called.

I walked into the palace and went straight to the kitchen. A maid and a chef were already there. I tried to avoid them, as I hated talking to strangers.

"Is there anything you need?" the maid asked when she saw me.

"I, er, no," I stuttered, "I'm just getting some bread for the ducks."

"Ah," the maid said, "I used to feed the ducks all the time when I was your age. Here's some bread." She handed me a loaf of bread, then got one for herself.

"Mind if I tag along?" she asked.

"Thanks, I mean no, I mean...sure," I said. This wasn't good. I was going to be stuck with a stranger for a whole afternoon. Would I be able to talk right, without barely getting over my words? What if this maid was really nosy? These questions ran around in my head, as I tried to think of what I was going to do. The maid and I left the palace and sat down by the pond. I noticed Azula pointing at me, snickering. I shuddered.

"My name is Zoji," the maid said, "what's your name?" "Mai," I said quickly. My heart was racing. Who ever invented conversation was my worst enemy.

"Oh," replied Zoji, "are you Princess Azula's friend?"

"Yes," I sad softly.

"Really? Azula doesn't seem like a very nice little girl," Zoji said. I had to smile. Azula wasn't very nice, but she was my friend.

"She doesn't always act rudely," I said, lightening up.

"You know," Zoji said, "I think you and I are alike."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, "when I was a young girl, I was very shy. I hated strangers, and I usually just stayed inside by myself."

"But you aren't like that now," I said.

"Nope," Zoji said, "My aunt helped me overcome my fears. She would take me to town with her, and make me talk with anyone we passed by. At first I was angry and scared, but now it has paid off."

"Wow," I said, "Maybe I can do that too."

"I'm sure you can," Zoji said smiling. "Well," I said, "the ducks have eaten almost all of our bread."

"And I have to get back to work," Zoji said.

"I guess I'll see you another day," I said.

"All right, good bye," Zoji got up and walked back into the palace. I felt much better. Zoji had made it seem so simple to be outgoing. I wondered if I could be that way.

"Hey Mai! Aren't you going to come over here?" Azula called. I nodded, and walked over to where they were. At least I could be outgoing with my friends.

We played all afternoon, until dark came. Then, I walked back to my parents' house down the road. As I drew close to my house, I noticed my neighbor sitting outside. I sighed, then took a deep breath.

"Hi neighbor," I called to her, and we had a nice little conversation.


This chapter is sort of my story. I used to hate talking and going anywhere, because I used to stutter. I figured that since Mai is very shy, I could make a chapter like this. Hope you liked it.

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