Meeting the DAC (Descendant Airbender Civilization

Exactly a week after the War, Teo told Aang that he, his father, sister, uncle, other uncle, aunt, great-aunt, grandmother, and grandfather were supposed to be Airbenders and that their great-grandmother died before Teo's father was even born. Teo also stated that while Firelord Sozin ordered the attack on every Air Temple, many kids (a few hundred in total) and a few adults managed to escape on their Sky Bisons but they were very young. They all lived on a small island were nobody has ever been to. They married other each other and had kids and (but they usually die right after they have kids so there was no chance there would be Airbenders) when they died, their kids grew up and had kids, and when THEY died, their kids ended being no Airbenders. Teo said that there are still many descendants of those Airbenders living on an island and that there were some baby Sky Bisons. He said it was in the East and that they call it Republic Island. He said he used to live there since he is a direct descendant of some Airbenders himself. Aang thought about it. He had to rebuild his race in every Air Temple just as Katara already decided to rebuild the Southern Water Tribe with Northern Waterbenders.

"You know what? Yeah, lets do this"! So Teo took Aang to Republic Island on Appa. When they got their, Aang saw many adults but of course they were not Airbenders. Aang walked up to them. Then he blew wind in their faces. They all gasped and bowed. "Avatar Aang"! said a plump man."Such an honor"! They all welcomed Aang into the island. Aang noticed that there were many skinny buildings. When they started serving tea, Teo told them the story he told Aang, about Airbender descendants. The descendants said that they WERE supposed to be Airbenders. Aang told them all that he could train them.

"The only problem is that I never trained anyone how to Airbend before", said Aang. "I am General Gyatso, leader of the descendant Air Bender civilization, but you could call it DAC for short", said the plump man. "I was named after the Airbender, Monk Gyatso. I trust you knew him before right? I heard you're a hundred twelve - years old. By the way, we all always wanted to learn how to Airbend, so we will be DELIGHTED if you teach us", he said. Aang shook hands with Gyatso. He said it will be a pleasure to teach them.

"Hey, I've got an idea. How about you pack up and - wait, do you have Sky Bisons"? he asked. "Yeah, we do! We have LOTS of 'em"! said a little girl. "Tell you what", Aang told Gyatso. "You - whoa. Now that I think of it, there are lots of you. Half of you should go to the Northern Air Temple and the other half should go to the Eastern Air Temple", Aang said. They all started discussing this and finally they agreed.

"Right, I'll meet your group in 1 week and your group in 2 weeks, and while I'm gone, search some Airbending books to help you Airbend better", he announced. They all cheered.

"Aang, can me and my family learn"? Teo asked.

"Well of course"!


Aang cleaned up the Eastern Air Temple. It looked as good as it looked a hundred years ago. Everything was sparkly clean, and not a stain was seen. He even put seeds everywhere to help plants and tree's grow. Teo and his family came first. They were all very excited. Aang greeted them. The others were taking long. So Aang decided to teach Teo's family how to Airbend first. And after about an hour, Aang was NOT the last Airbender.

When the Airbender descendants came, Aang had everything set up. 4 groups backed away while 1 approached. "Dd you all study"? he asked. Gyatso said, "Oh my God, we studied so much"! Aang looked under their eyes. Sure enough, there were dark shadows. That pretty much proved they studied well.

"Okay. Airbending is about perfecting your Bending and Air is the element of freedom. Also, Airbending might be hard at first, but within a month, you guys will think: 'Well that was easy'", they laughed. "When I started Airbending training, you didn't have to Airbend. BUT, you had to learn how to MOVE like an Airbender". There was a stack of gates making the shape of a cylinder behind Aang. Aang went through the gates. He made himself as wide as possible. He kept spinning on his foot and dodged EVERY gate. The crowd oohed and aahed. Aang said that you should practice like this and dodge each of the gates. He said to do it at least 10 times then do the "real test". Aang repeated this 10 times and then he started spinning the gates with his Airbending. This time, Aang didn't make himself as wide as possible. He did the OPPOSITE. He made himself as small as possible and spun through the gates. When he got to the other side, he stopped the gates with Airbending.

He then told everyone to try it. They did EXACTLY as they were told. Believe it or not, they ALL didn't hit any gates, not even ONCE. After that everyone was told to meditate while Aang sent one group after the other to do the "gate spin".

"Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale". All was going well.

After everyone was done meditating and going through gates, Aang put a water jug infront of them and said to blow all the amount of Air they could at the bottle to make it move. He told them to keep doing that. By the end of the day, everyone was an Airbender. But they weren't masters yet.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 5 years have past since Aang trained those Airbender descendants. They all had kids now. Now most of the descendants were Airbenders. Also, there were Airbender's in every Temple now. Aang's strongest student was Gyatso. Gyatso was also Aang's new friend. All went well.

Author's Notes

Hi, it's Potterthesith. Um... I wrote this all for my upcoming story, Avatar Aang: Life and Demise - Book 1. I hope you enjoyed my little story here. It's a Minisode, not the first chapter, by the way.

Also, want to rename this as 'Minisode: New Airbenders'.

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