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Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Kyoshi Island




138 AG

Physical description



Thin and Wiry


5ft 3"


133 pounds

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice



Agni Kai Triad

Chronological and political information
  • Professional Trapeze Artist
  • Master Chi-blocker




First appearance

Chapter One: Journeys


Ming (明) was born on Kyoshi Island in the year 148 AG to Lien and Bu Xin, although her mother died in childbirth, and her father died soon afterwards. She was placed under care of another family, until they realised her skill at defensive fighting. After that, she was placed under the care of Ty Lee, a master chi-blocker. As she grew up, she began training with the other Kyoshi Warriors. She was a prodigy at chi-blocking, and was asked to be the leader of the Warriors. However, when she was twelve, Ty Lee passed away due to grief, after learning that her friend, Mai had succumbed to Pentapox. Ming was left with no-one to look after her, and no-one on Kyoshi Island was willing to look after her anymore. So, she packed up what little of her belongings remained after officials seized them due to unpaid 'taxes', and left for Ba Sing Se. She had heard from Ty Lee that the old leader of the Warriors, Suki, had set up a Chi-blocking school in the Upper Ring.

Ming travelled to Ba Sing Se as fast as she could, although it still took over three months. When she arrived at the capital, though, the guards would not allow her to enter the Upper Ring. She had no credentials, no proof she was from Kyoshi Island. She couldn't even make an appointment to see Suki. So, she turned around and began the long trek back home.

About halfway home, she came across a home and a barn that had been destroyed by a fire. She was hungry, and so she decided to have a look, to see if there was anything worth taking. She decided to look in the house first, as the occupants would have kept their food there. She couldn't see anything, and so left the building. Ming was about to check the barn, when she heard a noise. Curious, she followed the sound towards an apple tree. There, underneath, was a small child, about two or three years younger than herself, crying. She was going to ask what was wrong, but saw quickly the reason. He was sitting in front of three crudely made gravestones.

He must have heard her, because he stood up and ran back towards a water trough. She tried to talk to him, but he just kept backing away. So, she gave up. She yelled towards him and told him that she was leaving to go to Kyoshi Island, and he was welcome to join her. She left the property and walked several hundred metres away, where she sat under a small tree and made a crude tent. By the time she had a fire going, he was approaching her, but wary of the fire. He still didn't speak a word, and she now knew why. His face was horribly burnt, half his nose was gone. But he didn't cry or whimper. Ming didn't even know if he knew. All she knew was that he probably needed a friend. And so, she shared her food and warmth, and he shared his sadness. It practically poured from him over her. As they travelled together, sometimes his grief would overcome her so much, she could not move of pain and suffering.

Ming learnt his name was Aten, bringer of the Light. She saw the irony, and felt sad. On their journeys, she began teaching him to Chi-block. His face healed slowly over time, although the scar was massive, and he would not allow a healer to have a look at it. One day, as they were sparring, an older man came up to them. He told Ming that she was very graceful, and would be honoured if she would join his circus. He told her he would pay a fair sum, and even more to Aten if he would become the main attraction for his freak show. She agreed to join, but would not allow him to use Aten as an attraction. They began to travel with the circus, and she never did go back to Kyoshi Island


Ming is a Master Chi-blocker, second only to Ty Lee herself. Ming is also very good at surviving in the wild, as Mai had taught her all about which plants were good to eat and which ones where poisonous. She also knows how to use the Kyoshi Fans, but doesn't like using them as they restrict her movements.


Ming is a serious person, especially around Aten. She finds it difficult to talk to people due to her prowess as a warrior, and she finds it difficult to converse with people whose lives don't revolve around fighting.

Ming assumes a motherly personality around Aten. This way, she knows she can protect him, and can show love for him. This is also a problem, as she doesn't fully understand her feelings for him. This is because she is so close to him, but is still several years older.


Ty Lee (Master)(deceased)
Lien (Mother)(deceased)
Bu Xin (Father)(deceased)
Aten (Best Friend)

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