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By Darth Phazon See other fanon and fan fiction works from Darth Phazon.
Mineral Mountains
Physical information

Earth Kingdom

The Mineral Mountains are a remote section of gemstone-rich mountains where Blademaster spent his adolescent years perfecting his skills. 



Notable Places

Abandoned Cabin:

A long-abandoned cabin holds a treasure to those clever enough to solve its room rotation/matching/memory game.


The Summit holds a breathtaking view of the kingdom, but bears a treacherous path for those brave (or stupid) enough to trek along to the peak.

Ice Cave

The Ice Cave, frozen over, is a maze, but (unfortunately) the only way to reach the very top of the Mountains (not the Summit; the path to that is much more dangerous).

Ice Castle

The Ice Castle, harrowing as it is, holds a way to quickly get down the mountain: an ice slide (treacherous, but fast).

The Very Top

The Very Top holds the best view of the mountain sky, as well as the path to the Heart of the mountain.


A horrifying ice maze lies within, frozen spikes ready to gore any trespassers agile enough to make it in. What could be worth it? A powerful orb, that's what.

The Heart

The Heart is home to the most intensely heated training room there is, the platform dangling by chains above magma.


  • It was originally designed to be a cavern, but, due the ice-related features, it was converted to a mountain.
  • Blademaster eventually returned to retrain himself after he was defeated by Katara in battle.
  • Mineral Mountains' theme

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