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Mindbending is the ability to use one's mind to telepathically and telekinetically manipulate and read another's mind or implant illusions in one's head and to move and manipulate objects.

Usage and Technique

While a mindbender uses their abilities their hands and sometimes body will glow with a certain colored aura, either white, green, red, black, blue or a violet-blue color. While this happens if a mindbender say uses telekinetic powers the object they are manipulating will also glow with an aura.

A Mindbender's telepathic and telekinetic abilities appear differently.

When using telepathy they will place their hand or fingers to the side of their temples and usually a swirling 5-stranded shield-like energy will appear from the center of the forehead and connect to the back of the head. In other cases a coloured aura will glow around the eyes of the mindbender.

When using telekinetic abilities a Mindbender's hands will glow with a specific coloured aura and while they are levitating or moving objects they will also glow with the same coloured aura.

On top of that they can also deal concussive blasts, produce a shield and perform all kinds of techniques.

Mindbending Abilities

Telepathy — A mindbender can read and manipulate another's mind and thoughts as well as the ability to talk to another mind to mind without physical speech.

Telepathic Blast — A basic move where a blast of energy shoots from the center of the forehead and though doesn't cause any physical damage it can cause serious mental damage when used by a powerful mind bender.

Telepathic Bolt — A spherical or jagged blast of energy which is more or less a more powerful version of the Telepathic Blast.

Telepathic Burst — A thick ring-shaped blast that could knock someone off their feet.

Telepathic Cloak — A defensive move in which is not visible where a field of psychic energy guards one's mind from foe mindbender attacks.

Telepathic Shield — Unlike the cloak this shield can be seen kind of taking the shape of a helmet around the bender's head.

Mind Blast — A blast of energy that could render another in a semi-conscious or unconscious state.

Mental Trauma — A mindbender can focus their telepathy into an offensive, continuous wave attack, causing the target or targets searing head pain.

Mental Knife — A short, jagged, sharp-edge blast of energy released from the forehead

Telepathic Wave — While performing this move a person's body will glow with an aura and a wave of energy will be released in an expanding ring knocking out or knocking down anyone it hits

Advanced Level

When one shows the sign of moving things with their mind then they have reached the advanced level.

Telekinesis — A person's hands form an aura and as they start to move and lift objects anything they are moving will shine with an aura as well.

Telekinetic Blast — A mindbender can shoot blasts of telekinetic energy from their hands, eyes and mind to attack with concussive blasts or to blast objects out of the way in their path.

Telekinetic Burst — A slightly weaker version of the Telekinetic Blast, a mindbender can shoot a small burst of telekinetic energy from their hands, eyes or mind, but the burst of energy will not shoot from the hand/eyes/mind, instead it will give off a quick flash and then another flash will emmit from the body of a target or object and will be blasted away.

Telekinetic Arrow — A short, narrowed blast of telekinetic energy that can be released from either hands or the forehead that unlike most telepathic abilities can deal physical damage.

Telekinetic Whip — A mind bender can create a long, sharp-edged strand of energy from the hand and use it to cut through trees or vines or bamboo or use it to trip foes in battle

Telepathic Speech — More skilled mindbenders can transfer their thoughts to another person and speak with them mind to mind. Performing this with another mindbender creates a 2-way, non-verbal conversation.

Telepathic/Telekinetic Disc — Used telepathically, a flat, circular bolt of energy that is shot from the mind and can immobilize a target unconscious. Used telekinetically, it can be used as a barrage attack, by forming spheres of telekinetic energy around the bender's hands or fists and when shot flat, circular bolts of energy are released.

Telepathic/Telekinetic Dart — Used telepathically- A short, thin, sharp-edged bolt of energy is released directly from the forehead and can cause a target to instantly drop to his or her knees as if they were struck in the back of the legs, works better when shot from behind a target

Intermediate Level

When a bender reaches the intermediate level they will be able to deal more powerful telepathic feats as well as telekinetically manipulate other people.

Telekinetic Lift — A mind bender can shoot a telekinetic beam of energy at a target and make it levitate for several seconds or minutes

Telekinetic Grip/Choke — A mindbender is able to telekinetically grip the neck of another then by applying pressure to the neck by very slowly closing the hand they can choke them to death. This technique is favoured usually by Dark Mindbenders, but a good mindbender will not hesitate to use this as a last resort against a Dark Mindbender.

Psychic Shadow — A skilled Mindbender can telepathically shield his or her presence within a location, making it as if they were invisible.

Telekinetic Cloak — A skilled mindbender can create a body-sized shield or barrier around themselves and defend against attacks such as firebending, earthbending, waterbending or projectiles and have them levitate around the barrier and send the attacks shooting back at their originators.

Mental Amnesia — A radial, psionic attack that releases an expanding energy wave from around the bender's body, causing all who stand in its path to forget their current situation.

Telekinetic Shards — A mind bender can shoot a barrage of short, sharp-edged bolts of energy from their hands

Psychic Scream — A mind bender's aura will glow as a wave of mental energy is released from their hands in the form of an expanding ring which will render anyone it hits unconscious

Mind Gauntlet - A thick layer of energy engulfs the bender's hand and serves as an arm protector or while using it on both hands can be used for hand to hand

Telekinetic Bomb - A strong and powerful blast of energy that causes anything it comes into contact with to explode with great force

Mind/Force Field — A defensive move where a large, rounded shield of energy forms around the area where the bender is standing and protects from other mental attacks and even assaults from the other 4 elements including lightning strikes. This move can be augmentated into a bigger shield to protect a whole group of people

Telekinetic Hands — A person's hands will glow and whatever they touch will start to levitate and they can do anything they wish with those objects telekinetically.

Telepathic Shard — A physical attack that sends a barrage of short, narrowed, arrow-like blasts of energy that deal mostly physical damage but some mental.

Psychic Dart — Stronger variation of the Telepathic Dart.

Master Bender Level

A bender will become a Master when their powers are at the maximum level. A Master Mindbender can focus their energy on themselves and levitate, providing un-aided flight for a short period of time.

Telepathic Gaze — A mind bender's eyes will glow the color of their aura as they gaze into another's eyes implanting thoughts and visions into the person's mind

Mental Soul-Self — While meditating a mind bender can project a ball of energy from the body and will shape into a form of the bender doing it and will glow with the colored aura as it unleashes vast mental force

Astral Projection — A master mindbender can project his or her consciousness outside their body and either use it to battle with another astral projection in a mind battle or they can project their consciousness into another's mind/body.

Telepathic Freeze — A master mindbender can telepathically freeze a foe or target in their tracks, enabling them to only speak.

Total Mind Control — The most powerful of mindbenders can use their telepathy to take complete control over another, forcing them to repair and damage that they may have caused or stop them from causing anymore harm by freezing them in place.

Mental Pulse — Once again a mindbender's aura will glow as a continuous wave of energy is released around the body in expanding rings.

Psionic Blast — A powerful psychic blast that can deal a heavy amount of damage.

Psionic Spout — A move where one is surrounded by swirling energy and is lifted up off the ground in a huge swirling tower of energy.

Telekinetic Bolt — A spherical blast of energy that surrounds one's hands and sends another flying off their feet when shot.

Telekinetic Disc — A flat round blast that blasts a target sideways.

Telekinetic Wall — An large invisible barrier forms before a mindbender and defends from mental assaults and even attacks from the four elements.

Psychic Claw — An electric energy claw surrounds ones arm.

Telekinetic Katana — A sword of telekinetic energy forms in the hand.

Telekinetic Armor — Telekinetic energy engulfs the lower and upper bodies and arms and legs and serves as protection from fire, certain earthbending attacks, waterbending attacks, lightning, hard collisions and other telekinetic attacks.

Mental Plasma — A rope of white-hot energy flows from hand and wraps around the target.

Mind Spear — A long, sharp narrowed blast that shoots from the forehead or forms in hand as a weapon.

Telekinetic Swipe — A sharp, narrow horizontal blast designed to make others trip.

Mind Wipe — Clears another's mind of one thought or all thought.

Psionic Firebird — A true mindbending master can summon large amounts of raw psionic energy and shape it around their body in the shape of a giant firebird, which adds offense and defense to the ability, in the form of psionic claws, which can cause mental and physical damage to a foe.

Special Abilities

Psionic State — A Mindbender, either Master or learner, can invoke a special power known as the "Psionic State". It is a power that greatly enhances a mindbender's mental abilities, much like the Avatar State. The Mindbender's eyes will glow a certain color, usually the color that matches their spiritual aura, and their aura will also physically glow around their body. It can be used continuously and non-continuously. The Psionic State is better used by a Master who has complete control over their power, as opposed to a student Mindbender, who can willfully enter the State but only have limited control over it. If they would become emotional or scared, or if their mind is breached by another Mindbender, their power could go out of control, and it would be extremely difficult for them to regain control. A Master Mindbender would usually have to snap out of the control of the Mindbender by deploying a psychic barrier that will temporarily isolate their out of control powers, long enough for them to regain control of their mind.

Diamond Form — Certain skillful Mindbenders are able to deploy a defensive mechanism in which their entire body turns into a flexible, organic diamond form, which protects the Mindbender from psychic attacks. But, while the diamond form defends from psychic attacks, it also cancels their ability to use their telepathic powers until they turn off their diamond form.

Avatar Level Abilities

An Avatar who can mindbend possesses unique abilities:

The Phoenix Force — This is a power that only an Avatar can invoke. The Avatar is able to summon a psychic cosmic being known as the Phoenix Force, a force so powerful, it can obliterate entire galaxies. However, if not kept under control, it could become a Dark Phoenix, and the Avatar will be almost powerless to stop it from its evil, and it would be almost impossible to control. That is why, before the Avatar can invoke the Phoenix Force, it requires the Avatar to have complete control over their mind, their mindbending powers, and their other bending powers, including Spiritbending, Energybending, and the Avatar State. Any of these powers can be dangerous if used by the Dark Phoenix. To summon and control the Phoenix Force, the Avatar must go through immense training and discipline; their mind must not be able to be breached by another bender, as that shows that the Avatar's mind has some weakness, and if the Phoenix Force senses weakness, it will grab hold of the Avatar and control them, thus transforming into the Dark Phoenix.

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