Mind Benders Chapter 2: Hard at Work
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September 9th, 2012

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Chapter 2: Hard at Work

"Kumbaji! What do you think you are doing!?" cried Suja.

Kumbaji sits, staring out the window, looking bored as usual. Suja looks at him angrily as she stands in the doorway, holding her young daughter in her arms. Kumbaji sighs, but continues to look out.

"I'm looking out the window" says Kumbaji.

Suja exclaims "I can see that! I mean, why aren't you helping me with our daughter? And aren't you supposed to be at work today?"

A Robin-jay lands on the window sill, and looks around for food to eat. Kumbaji looks at it lazily, and the bird begins to fly around and sing a pretty song. Suja rolls her eyes, walks over to Kumbaji, and puts her free hand on his shoulder. He turns around, and looks at her. My, how beautiful she is, thinks Kumbaji, I can't believe she decided to marry me, even after all I went through. I know she loves me, but I have a hard time of showing I love her.

"Honey, you really need to get to work. That's the only way we're going to get money to pay to keep this land" says Suja. Kumbaji sighs again, and stands up. He hugs his wife and kisses his child before heading toward the door. As Kumbaji heads toward town, Suja looks at him sadly through the window, thinking about how his life could have turned out for the better.

Kumbaji enters town, and villagers have already set up shop, selling a variety of food and merchandise. Most of them greet Kumbaji as he wanders toward his healing shop, but he pretends as if he doesn't hear them.

When he walks into his healing shop, he is met with people cramming around him to talk about their medical cases. Kumbaji utters "One at a time, one at a time! Now, who was here first?" A poor, weak man in Earth Nation clothes raises his hand, and Kumbaji waves him to the back of his shop.

"Now, what seems to be the problem?" says Kumbaji.

"Well," the Earth Nation man shouts, "I'm having some trouble with my hearing! Is there anything you can do about it?!"

Kumbaji cracks his knuckles for effect, and then looks at the man. The man has a blank look on his face for a second, and then looks around in utter joy. "I can hear... everything! I can hear my own voice again, clear as day!" The man shakes Kumbaji's hand, and then hops out, giggling with glee. "Alright, who's next?"

After hours of dealing with patients, the last one is an old Air Nomad, shuffling around with the help of a cane. "I have heard you are one of the best healers in the land, and I wanted to see it for myself," the Air Nomad claimed "my back has been hurting for the past 50 years, and no one has been able to solve the problem. I was hoping you would be able to take care of that!"

Kumbaji focuses on the Air Nomad, and after a short time, the Air Nomad drops his cane. The Air Nomad straightens his back, and looks at Kumbaji with a looks of surprise. "It is a miracle! I can walk without the cane once again! If I may ask, how did you ever do it?"

Kumbaji smiles, and replies "Its the power of the mind. I just make what you want to happen a reality."

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