The Forgotten Element
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Mind Benders



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September 9th, 2012

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Fanon: Mind Benders Chapter 2: Hard at Work

Chapter 1: The Forgotten Element

"Awaken, my son." The young boy opens his eyes to find his father's kind eyes looking down at him as he lies in bed. The father kisses his sons head. "Don't worry son, there is nothing to worry about. We have just come to check up on you."

"We?" the son replies.

"Yes, your mother and I are here to watch over you." The father continues to look at his son, as the son tries to comprehend what his father is saying.

"But, Dad," says the son, "Mom is dead."

The father looks sadly at his son. "She's not really dead, my son. She is more alive than you realize. But I guess you won't understand till you older." He glances up, as if someone is talking to him. "Yes, I know he's old enough to see the visions, but he will think they are all just in his imagination." The father turns to his son, kisses him on the forehead one last time, and then walks through the bedroom door.

The son begins to fall back to sleep, but notices something by the bedroom door. The last thing he sees before he falls back into a deep slumber is a ghost-like image of his mother blowing him a kiss, and then floating through the door.

A few years later, the father and son play in a field nearby and throw a simple leather ball between one another. Their laughs of glee can be heard for miles, but no one is around to hear it.

A lone platypus bear cub wanders around in the distance, and the son and father take notice. "My son, this would be the perfect opportunity to test your skills." The son nods, and focuses his attention on the lone cub. The cub looks at the son, and scratches its ear in protest.

"Focus your attention, my son. All your attention needs to be on the cub."

The son grunts, and concentrates as hard as he can. The cub grunts as well, and begins to wander toward the two. The cub stops right in front of them, and does a back flip, landing on its hind legs. The father looks on in awe as his son continues to stare intensely at the cub. The cub bows and then falls over, causing the son to break his concentration and land on his back, laughing.

The father laughs as well, and wrestles with the son until they lie on the ground, sweating, dirty, and full of joy. The cub shakes his head, and looks at the two of them with fear. It lets out a weak cry.

Suddenly, the platypus bear mama runs toward her son, and roars at the two. It growls at them and stands on its hind legs, threatening to attack. The boy looks up in terror, and then relaxes. He concentrates with all his might at the mama bear, and she starts to calm down. The mama bear walks over and licks the boy, and then walks off, with the cub following right behind her.

The boy breaks concentration, and collapses on the ground, withering in pain. The father quickly picks up his son and carries him back to the house. The father places the son in his bed gently, and then strokes his hair.

"Yes, the life of a Mind Bender is tough work. It can be quite painful work, too, but with training and practice comes tolerance. You shall be a great mind bender, and you and I will work together to unite the five nations back into one. It will just take time." says the father to his son, as the son falls asleep.

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