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"And when it's your turn to fight, stay alert and show them how strong an Airbender you are!"
— Min giving advice to Syra in Two Separate Lives
Sister Min
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Air Nomads; Eastern Air Temple



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Syra, Sister Iio, Tyla, Air Nomads

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Air Nomads

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Two Separate Lives

Sister Min, or better known as Min, is Syra's guardian and well known for her secret recipe for Fruit Pies. She is a character in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


Min was born to two unnamed Air Nomads and given to the nuns of the Eastern Air Temple where she has always and currently resides. At the age of fourteen, she was deemed an Airbending Master and received her tattoos.

Fruit pie

Min is famous for her Fruit Pies.

As a young adult, she served as an Airbending instructor, but soon resigned from these duties and started her own private pie baking business. The business quickly thrived thanks to Min's secret Fruit Pie recipe.

She became Syra's guardian when she was born and took great joy in being her caretaker. Although Syra's rambunctious, fiery nature often tired Min, she still loved the child dearly. She served as a mentor to Syra who looked up to her as a motherly figure and was often amused by the child's energetic personality. She tended closely to Syra's Airbending training and schooling.

Min was one the spectators in the audience at the semi-final Airbending matches. She beamed with pride and happiness when Syra won her way through the last match of the day and invited Syra's best friend, Tyla, to their house for Fruit Pie.


Min is loving, gentle and passionate for Syra. She is supportive and sage, offering advice to others even when they don't ask for it and is extremely patient. However, she has taken great care not to be too soft with her in fear of spoiling her too much. Being an Air Nomad and a vegetarian, she also regards all life as sacred.


Min is an Airbending Master, having received her Airbending tattoos in her early teenage years. Even so, she rarely uses her skills other than in training sessions with Syra and has little need to do so. As aforementioned, she is also a famous Fruit Pie baker and has received high praise for her baking. She uses a secret recipe in which she confides with no one except the few bakers employed in her business and they refuse to reveal anything concerning the recipe.


  • Like other Air Nomads, Sister Min owns a Sky Bison named Raul.

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