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"Aang. My boy. Go fulfill your destiny as the Avatar. And bring peace to the world...that's your repayment to the world...and to me."
— Miku to Aang before blessing him.
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Southern Air Temple




40 BG


0 AG

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Aang (Son)


Aang, Gyatso, Aurora

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"Beginnings of Legacy"

Miku was Aang's beloved mother before the Hundred Year War began. Aside from the elder monks, she was the only one who knew Aang was the Avatar and had been trying to keep her little boy safe until he was ready to go until the Fire Nation started the massacre.


Miku is a gentle, kind-hearted monk of the Southern Air Temple. She has a deep connection with the spiritual plain, almost as much as the elder monks themselves. She has a strong motherly instinct and tries her best to take care of her son Aang during his childhood. She is defensive and will protect her child no matter what the consequences may be.



There isn't much indication over most of her childhood years, but there is information later on in her life. When she turned 16, she fell in love with a Western Air Temple monk, whose name was not given, during one of her trips to the other temples. She remained in the temple until she confessed her love to him, and 4 years later, they were married in the Southern Air Temple. Her spiritual connection didn't begin until weeks after she became married, when she first saw the entity, Aurora. These sightings were brief and peaceful for months until she became pregnant with Aang. When Aurora found her pregnant, the entity blessed her unborn child, and this became the last of her experiences with the spirit.

When Aang was born, she took great care of her child for the longest time until Aang turned 3, when she was told by the elders that he was the next Avatar. Ever since this, she tried her best to keep her child safe until it was time for Aang to go.

Book 1: Water

Miku only appears alive in episode 1. She first appears when she calls for Aang and asks if he had fed his sky bison, Appa. After Aang told her he did already, she allows him to go off and play Airball with the other children. She smiles as he left and knows she will have to let him go soon. Later on that night, she goes into Aang's room and asks about Aang's game, which went well as it turned out. She gives him a kiss goodnight and goes off to bed. It wasn't sure exactly how, but when the Fire Nation attacked, she and Aang ended up in the same place. She advises Aang to leave the Southern Air Temple before it is too late, so he can live for both of them. She goes out and distracts the firebenders, sacrificing herself in doing so.

Avatar Yangchen and Aang

Miku blessing Aang.

After Aang gets trapped in the ice orb, she appears to him during his frozen state and begins to apologize for her lack of effort to care for him. After Aang forgives her, she asks him if he still remembers the Avatar and after he answers, she finally tells him that he's the next Avatar. She explains about how the elders told her and that she didn't want him to leave. After this explaining, she blesses him and disappears.


Spiritual connection

Miku has a deep connection with the spirits, that rivals those of the monk elders, which isn't a common ability to have. She gained this ability after her encounter with Aurora.

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