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Nomadic; travels with Anurna

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Grey and brown

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Anurna, Dover, Sedgley, Erik


The Clandestines, McKay, Diego

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Chapter 2: The Firebender

Miko is a squirrel-glider, part squirrel and part sugar glider, and a loyal companion of Anurna. He travelled the world with Anurna before she met the boys and is now quite close to the nature-lover, Dover.

His fur was mostly brown with a grey underside and a red bow around his neck that Anurna had adorned him with.


Early Life

Miko met Anurna prior to the events of the story and travelled the world with her, during when they formed a close bond. She trained him to respond to a whistle.

Journey to Haven

Miko met Dover, Sedgley and Erik at Anurna's lodging in Gao Lin at dinner time. Dover was ecstatic to meet his favourite animal and Miko enjoyed being oogled at by the boy. After this, Miko he was gladly welcomed as the token fuzzy member of the group.

On his way to Chan Dai, after exiting the mountainside tunnel with the others, Miko met a family from the Northern Water Tribe and shared the campsite with them. When Anurna stormed off after her fight with Erik, Miko was left despondent and felt like giving up when the flash blizzard started. Twice during the storm he was almost blown away by the wind, but was saved by Pakoa. In Chan Dai, Miko was left at Hu's inn to keep guard on home base while Erik and Anurna left to save Dover and Sedgley.

When they entered the forests surrounding Maderia, he entered into a fight with a bat, bumping into everyone and separating them all. He eventually lost to the bat, which he noticed was unnaturally strong, and began to think he would start a new life as a wild animal. When he heard a gunshot, he decided to go towards it, thinking it was Erik and finding out to be correct when he met up with him and Anurna. When Dover and Sedgley were revealed to be caught by Yuka, he and the others were taken to Maderia, where he stayed with Anurna on the outskirts of town. He was indulged with lots of fruit and nuts for the weeks they spent in the city, but grew tired of the pampering. When the city was attacked, he joined Erik to warn chief Aran and later helped save the boy when he fell out of the Mother Tree, but to no avail. He eventually met up with Dover, Sedgley (who saved Erik) and Anurna and they decided to leave the city. When Miss Zaida attacked them, Miko warned Anurna that more troops were coming by tapping her inconspicuously on the neck. He helped fight against the Clandestine troops before he fled with the rest of the group.

After the attack on Maderia, Miko was subjected to toxic smoke from a strange plant and had a bizarre experience with Erik and Anurna, where he believed that the bat from before was still watching him and coming after him. Scared he and the others ran back to the campsite, and they left soon after, eventually entering the Wasteland.

When Sedgley collapsed due to the poison in his body, Miko was sent to search for the small cactus with a pink flower, with which Erik could make a remedy from. He soon found the plant, and led his friends to it. Following the encounter with the scorpion snake, he, after everyone else had collapsed in exhaustion, crawled under Erik's bag and was eventually found by men from the Hebikumo tribe and taken back to their camp. Here, he recovered and later joined his friends and the tribe at the campfire ceremony. Enjoying the feast and, not so much, the little girl Yindi's company, he was awoken later that night by Sedgley's sudden awakening, apparently healed from the poison.


Miko is a fair-natured creature, often content in eating some seeds, sleeping or gliding through the air.

He occasionally shows bouts of bravery, evident when he screeched menacingly and tried to swoop Molipedes in Gao Lin Tunnel and had a fight with a Maine-racoon in Chan Dai. However, he mostly chatters nervously when danger is present.

Above all else, he values companionship, and just wants to be part of a pack.



Miko is able to glide through the air using the skin flaps that stretch between his limbs. To fight back he will often swoop from above but, despite being an adept flyer, strong winds can get the better of him. He can also use this ability to drop projectiles on top of targets or help lift things up. He tried to pull Erik up when he fell off the Mother Tree in Maderia, yet his small body proved too weak to do so.


Miko has learnt to fight for himself throughout his travels with Anurna, and considers himself hardier than most wild squirrel-gliders. He believes himself to be a good fighter, screeching loudly to deter enemies and then utilising his sharp claws and teeth to do further damage. It turn with being able to fly, this can prove quite effective. He has also been trained by Anurna to warn her of impeding danger by growling or tapping her on the neck when in tight situations.


  • The name 'Miko' was given because the author thought it was a stereotypical cute name for a pet to have.
  • Miko's origins are unknown. Squirrel-gliders prefer environments protected from the wind so it is most likely that Anurna met him further away from Gao Lin.
  • Miko is like the Momo/Pabu of the group; the token fuzzy member.

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