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Miki is the best friend of Taketoki. He is a trickster just like Taketoki but most of his tricks make him seem clinically insane.


Miki is more or less more of a fool than a trickster. His earliest known trick involved dressing a Dragon Hawk up as a ghost. He first met Taketoki when he attempted to trick Taketoki who ended up tricking Miki instead. The two became great friends and exchanged techniques and ideas while travelling together.

Miki participated with the rest of Team Trickster against Washizu. He is notable for having tricked Washizu into believing he was Koh the Face Stealer. How he achieved this has been debated due to the vagueness of the event.

On the stage, Miki has been portrayed as a sidekick. While he was something of a sidekick, he was more of an equal friend to Taketoki in reality, Miki's own endeavours made him seem more foolish than he was to the point that a few comedy plays had been written with himself as the main character and the plot being about one of Miki's foolish tricks.

Personal Life

Miki's personal life had to do mostly with his friendship with the other members of Team Trickster. He was something of an uncle figure to Taketoki and Asaji's children. Miki himself died sometime after Taketoki in the Earth Kingdom as the age of forty-seven. Miki has since become a figure in stories about humility, strange considering no matter how many times his tricks ended up failing Miki never learned humility.

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