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Khomi, Zoai


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Returning Pain, Fanon: Avatar: The Legend of Rokan (Chapter 3)

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Mikho is the daughter of lower-class Earth Kingdom citizens. She remains in the small village of Shu Min with her mother and twin brother Khomi while her father fights in the war.

Mikho is with her brother when he discovers an unconscious Zoai in Shu Min's courtyard. She is too afraid to go near the unconscious girl, fearing that she might be dead. Once Zoai is revealed to be alive, Mikho helps her brother in the attempt to convince Zoai to stay in Shu Min, but to no avail.

Not too long after Zoai's departure from Shu Min, the village is flooded by the Freedom Fighters, led by a bitter Jet. Thanks to a quick-thinking Sokka, the villagers are safely evacuated. Mikho is last seen running down to the water's edge to scoop up her doll, dubbed "Mrs. Pretty". No more is known of Mikho's fate, though it can be presumed that she accompanies her mother and brother to another Earth Kingdom village. The family's future after the War is unknown.


Little is revealed about Mikho's personality in the fanon Avatar: The Legend of Rokan. She appears to be emotional and easily frightened. It can be safely assumed that she is as fun loving as her twin brother, though perhaps less outgoing.

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