By The Ultimate Waterbender Part of the When Air Nomads Walked the Earth continuity.
"Looks like Syra 'nose' what's she doing!"
— Mika taunting Syra in Tutoring and Results
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Jia, Sister Lenella, Star


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Two Separate Lives

Mika is Jia's best friend and accomplice, tagging along with her blindly and joining in on Jia's efforts to degrade the reputations of the other students in their Airbender class, especially Syra. She is a minor antagonist in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


Mika was born to two unnamed Air Nomads and given to the nuns of the Easter Air Temple. She was placed under the care of Sister Lenella who always dreamt that the child would become an Airbending Master. This aspiration seemed to be bright and within reach; Mika seemed very carefree and good natured.

At the age of five, she began to attend the local Airbender school at the temple and it seemed as though nothing could stir her wrong. That is until the day when embarrassed herself during a relay race with a few of her friends who jeered at her mishap. This was not meant to be taken heavily or as an insult, however, Mika took it this way and soon began feeling unsure and nervous; she was still very innocent, but much more careful to make sure she didn't ridicule herself.

The "mean girl" of the school, Jia who was of the same age, took advantage of Mika's current unsureness and recruited her as her own little accomplice. She promised Mika that she would never feel insulted again if she followed Jia along. Being only five, Mika fell for this and soon began taking up the habit of gossiping and spreading rumors. They soon established themselves as the clique, Jia being the ringleader of the taunting and Mika being her follower.

Mika, afterwards, let herself fall behind considerably in her training and academic studies. She underwent a radical transformation of personality and turned into a shallow, insensitive girl, playing along with who soon became her only friend, Jia. This greatly troubled Sister Lenella who still tenderly loved the girl and who continued to maintain high hopes for her future until just a couple of years prior to the start of the series.

Mika continues to inflict misery on other students and never misses out on an opportunity to put down Syra, but not without Jia's company.


As a young girl, Mika was ambitious, fun loving and generally happy; she was sweet and innocent up until the day of her embarrassment which led to her feelings of insecurity. She was easily overtaken by Jia and soon became a spitting image of her: selfish, vain and with a passion for gossip. Once bright and determined, her transformation of heart led her to become ignorant, shallow and lenient in her studies. Her constant taunts of Syra is most likely due to a feeling of jealousy for Syra's Airbending skill.


  • Like all Air Nomad children, Mika owns a Sky Bison named Star. Unlike Jia who cares very little for her Bison, Mika loves her pet dearly.

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