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Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

Birth place







82 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Skin color


Eye color

Dark brown

Personal information

Earthbending, playing the liuqin, singing


Han (father), Maya (mother), Leyka (younger sister)

Love interest(s)



Elsi, Leyka, Maya, Han, Meimu, Aira, Ket-Ket, Maya-Ar



Chronological and political information

Earth Kingdom

Mihoshi is an earthbender, singer and liuqin player. She is one of the main characters in Fire, Song and a Snowstorm alongside Elsi.


Early Life

Mihoshi was the firstborn child of Han and Maya, two Earth Kingdom peasants who lived in the forest village of Midori. During the first year of Mihoshi's life, nothing much happened. She grew from a baby into a one-year-old who always had a warm smile for everyone.

When Mihoshi was one year old, Maya's childhood friend and next door neighbor Meimu adopted an orphaned baby. The baby, named Elsi, was the daughter of Meimu's sister Miri and a former Fire Nation soldier named Keden. Keden and Miri had been living together in secret since love between them was forbidden by the Fire Nation. A week after the birth of their daughter, the army had found and killed them, but Elsi had survived due to not being discovered.

Thus, from a very early age, Mihoshi and Elsi got to know each other. When Mihoshi was two years old, she turned out to be an earthbender, and Han and Maya were very pleased. A year later, Elsi was revealed to be a firebender. Meimu, Han and Maya were all frightened for Elsi, since if she was discovered she would be an outcast due to the war. Mihoshi had no knowledge of the war or the resulting hatred for firebenders among most Earth Kingdom folk and continued to spend a lot of time with Elsi. Their caregivers always watched them to make sure they didn't accidentally hurt one another with their bending, but they never did that around each other until Mihoshi was five, when Elsi started creating light shows with fire and writing messages for Mihoshi's amusement.

Though Mihoshi could earthbend, her true passion was in music. She liked to sing and would often write songs for her father to play on his liuqin. On Mihoshi's sixth birthday, Han gifted his liuqin to his daughter. The next few months she could mostly be found writing songs and then playing and singing them. Elsi occasionally sang along, and sometimes she was just content to watch Mihoshi.


When Mihoshi was seven years old, her mother gave birth to another daughter, Leyka. Mihoshi was ecstatic when Leyka was born, because it meant she had a new friend to play and sing with. Mihoshi promised baby Leyka that she would be the best big sister ever. As Leyka got older, she did indeed become very close to Mihoshi, and Elsi also, who was viewed by Leyka as a big sister as well.

The Icy Forest

A day after Elsi found the ice wall in the deep forest, she showed Mihoshi and Leyka. Mihoshi was excited and curious, seeing this as an adventure. Elsi, however, had doubts, believing it could be dangerous. Fortunately for Mihoshi, Elsi quickly changed her mind due to a new desire not to let her down.

After Elsi melted part of the wall with firebending, Mihoshi and Leyka followed her into the icy forest.

Mihoshi was the first to see the snow warriors. At first, she thought a real Fire Nation soldier was hiding out, but the three quickly discovered it was only a snow statue. Elsi and Mihoshi also discovered snow warriors modeled after Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe soldiers, respectively. The snow figures were thought to be harmless until a legion of them, being controlled by Kaligah, surrounded the three. Mihoshi earthbent a rock through as many of them as she could, but one grabbed Leyka. Mihoshi was hesitant to try and break it as she didn't want to accidentally hit her sister. Soon, the snow warriors disintegrated into snow, except for the one holding Leyka, which had gone far away.


  • The name "Mihoshi" means "beautiful star". It is a Japanese name.

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