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Earth Kingdom




90s AG

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Dark Brown

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Earth, Metal

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Earthbending, Metalbending


Brawki , Aang, Toph, Team Avatar



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Migo is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is a young man living in the Earth Kingdom and an earthbending prodigy just like his mother. Both of his parents were killed during the War and Migo was left to be raised by his mother's old earthbending master, Brawki.


Early Life

Migo was born in the Earth Kingdom during the Hundred Year War. His parents both fought in the War. His mother was one of the most powerful earthbenders in her division. Both of Migo's parents died when he was very little. Migo has little-to-no memory of them. His mother's former earthbending instructor, Brawki, took him in, raised him and taught him earthbending in addition to being his surrogate father.

Meeting the Avatar

Migo encountered Aang and Team Avatar when they were nearby his village. Although they had a rough first impression, they soon warmed up to each other and Migo introduced the Avatar to Brawki, who seemed not-at-all surprised to have the Avatar dropping in on him. Sokka and Katara sympathized with his situation, having lost their own mother to the Fire Nation. Migo also soon began to bond with Toph over their shared mastery of earthbending, although Migo was not quite as strong as Toph. Migo eventually leaves his village to help Aang and his friends. Migo and Brawki were sad to be parting with one another, but both agreed it was meant to be.


According to Brawki, Migo is a lot like his mother, although Migo had no recollection of her. His laid-back, easy-going personality stands in sharp contrast to Toph's sharp, confrontational, tomboyish one. He is generally friendly to anyone he meets and tries to help out when someone is in trouble.


  • Ratana (mother)

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