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Biographical information

"Fire Lily" (by Terumi and Lotus)


Fire Nation

Birth place

Fire Nation Capital, Fire Nation



Physical description




Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)





Terumi (mother), Shen (father), Mei (aunt)


Amma, Lotus, Kan, Jade, Chey



Chronological and political information



Fire Nation, Yin Warriors




Early Life

Michiko is a female firebender and the only daughter to Terumi and Shen of the Fire Nation Capital. She grew up with rigid parents who use servants to constantly dote her day and night and even signed her up for dancing classes. When she attended the Royal Fire Nation Academy for Girls, Michiko was constantly teased in school by Leiko for lack of friends, being a "late bloomer" due to her lack of firebending skills, and "other" problems. When Michiko was sitting at night crying, she was nearly ambushed suddenly by Chey, who was practicing his sneak attacks. He apologized for attacking her, and the two eventually talked about their problems. Chey taught Michiko to be brave and not be ashamed of herself; in turn, Michiko taught him to follow his dreams. The two became friends and secretly hung out due to not being in the same social classes. Chey suddenly developed a crush on the firebender from that point on. The next day, Leiko takes too many jabs at Michiko; the firebender slaps her in the face and threatens to scar her "perfect face". The fight was ceased, and Michiko was later suspended by the headmaster and grounded by her parents. When she turned sixteen, she secretly wished that she would have the ability to firebend like a prodigy and see the world. When she was sleeping in her room, Michiko woke up and discovered a bison calf in her backyard and saw her eating peaches from the tree. The bison eventually got comfortable with Michiko, who decided to name her Amma. Aunt Mei also heard her wish that night. When she was asleep, her Aunt snuck in her room at night and gave a letter saying she will offer her teaching lessons. Michiko told her parents that she was going to visit her aunt for a month and departed. When she left, she saw how big Amma was the past few years since she met her. The firebenders climbed on her back and flew away.

Firebending Training

Mei took Michiko and Chey to her koala sheep farm at the Black Cliffs to teach her firebending. She trained multiple days and nights perfecting her skills and techniques. Mei saw her fire turn purple because of her positive energy and the aura within her. Michiko was also astounded at her enhanced fire power and wanted to teach it. Michiko happily thanked her Aunt Mei about the outstanding performance and hugged her. As a gift to her completion, Mei gave Michiko Amma back in her care and let her travel around the Four Nations and a map to guide her to places. Michiko kept this secret from her parents and offered Chey to be her traveling companion and guide and flew off.

 Meeting Lotus

The first stop Michiko and Chey made was at a village to relax and stock up on supplies. Chey heard music and wanted to dance with the firebender; they proceeded to dance together. The crowd was amazed and threw money at their bowl. Lotus saw them dancing and became enticed. After their dance was complete, the earthbending nomad quickly introduced herself to them and she was nice enough to offer her lunch. She and Lotus became fast friends. Michiko and the earthbender spent the whole time having fun and sharing each other's interests and became enthralled with her pet foxcat Jade. The night when they were camping, the group came under attack by a rampaging dragon moose. Michiko screamed in panic and cried for help as she climbed a tree along with Chey. When Michiko saw how Lotus consoled it, she came down the tree, and Chey thanked her and asked her to join their group with Chey's approval.

Meeting Kan

While flying to their destination, Michiko was pulling Amma with Lotus and Chey in tow.


Due to her living in an upper class lifestyle, Michiko is polite and pristine of her appearance, but she has an uncultured, unkempt side and is not afraid to embrace it from her hunger and Lotus' influence. Michiko believes in hard work to achieve what she wants. She is shown to be sarcastic, blunt, but nonetheless a good friend. Michiko's high spirits and positive energy drive keep herself and her friends motivated when they lose hope during worst-case scenarios. She harbors resentment and anger due to being taken care of by her overbearing parents, and hides her troubled angst and sadness in order to focus, but it makes her lose sight. She's also known to harbor grudges due to taunting and looks down on certain people she meets and has a thirst for revenge. Michiko shares some of Lotus' interests, personality, and childlike, perky wonder, as well as their tastes of adventure.



Michiko's firebending was considered to be very different from others as she knew the true meaning of her skill and her "positive energy drive" made it turn purple as her "aura". She was able to perform an incredible feat of firebending tricks without further instructions. Michiko is able to produce fire daggers and accelerate her propelling with ease. Her breath of fire is at a fine control.

Other Talents

Michiko has shown her own gratuitous skills even off the battlefield. She is a talented dancer with fans and a natural acrobat. Michiko is even in charge of the team's itinerary.


  • Michiko's name translates to 美智子, meaning "beautiful wise child".
  • Michiko is one of the few master firebenders to bend a different hotter color of fire; her fire is purple.
  • Michiko is the first non Air Nomad to own a Sky Bison.
  • Michiko wears a similar outfit to Katara's Fire Nation disguise during her training.
  • Michiko has personal blend of Ty Lee's personality.
  • Like Lotus, Michiko has grey eyes instead of standard amber eyes for their respective element.
  • Michiko hates roast duck.
  • Michiko was grounded for fighting Leiko in school and suspended.
  • Michiko has ADD.

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