By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
Metal man
Metal Men
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S.C.P Foundation

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S.C.P (temporary)


Terror Blade

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"Ch.3: Ambush"

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The Metal Men are a group of mutants that fallow the orders of Terror Blade. They were made by proto-types to the original plans that created Terror Blade. However the original plans were already destroyed so they were mostly made off the original. They didn't appear as human as Terror Blade does, looking more like large metallic gorillas with a huge curved blade on one arm for battle and protection. However they are very royal to their master and fallow any orders, no matter what they are.

Avatar: New Universe II

Throughout the whole story, the metal men only appear alongside Terror Blade, fallowing order to go against the Team Avatar and Teen Titans. Each appearance was mostly to hold them down and cut whoever retaliates. They don't have any heart or fully functioning brain so they don't resist attacks as their orders are being taken out. Only Terror Blade so known to order them around without trouble.

The only time Terror Blade wasn't with them is when they were all wiped out. 5 were melted by Zuko, one was exploded by Starfire, and the final two were collapsed by Ty.

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