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Team Strike get a message from home, that reminds them of the situation outside the valley.


"Hiyah!" Yelled out Mian.
"Eh..Aaaahhh!" Screamed Zura.
"Wow, you've really gotten better," said Tia, from a distance.
"There was no need to blast me into that tree, you know!" Grumbled Zura.
"Yeah, well.."Replied Mian.
"Well, what?" asked Zura.
" is it that late..better head back, right?" replied the Mian.
"Okay, whatever," said Hai, popping out of nowhere.
"Hey, what did you guys think of that ambush by Jeong?"Asked Ami.
"Yeah, we better be on our toes," replied Hai.

"Sir, there is someone here and they said they need an immediate audience," said one of the gate keepers to the guest cottages.
"Who?..Me?" asked Zura.
"He is inside, you may all come in as well," replied the gate keeper.

As everyone walked in to the small cottage, the saw a figure on one of the chairs near the corners.

"So, this is your little hideout, ey?" said a familiar voice.
"Sky!" Said Mian and Zura.
"Mian, Zura, Ami, Tia, and...Err...I don't believe I know you," he said pointing to Hai; after meeting them at the bed.
"Yeah, this is Hai, he's cool..anyway, how goes it at the tribe?" asked Mian, eager to hear about his home.
"It's going good, most of the buildings are rebuilt...but I'm here for Zura," said Sky, slowly.
"Me? What is it?" asked the surprised Prince.

Sky motioned for the Gate Keeper to leave, once he left, he asked everyone to come closer.

"This is top secret, no telling anybody, you too," he said again pointing at Hai.
"What is it, anyway," Asked Tia, eager as always.
"The Fire Nation is in trouble," spit out Sky.
"What kind?" asked Zura, troubled by the news.
"The bad kind, they think they saw military airships near the capital," said Sky.
"What! There are no military airships after the Four Nations Pact," said Zura in obvious denial.
"Yeah...but these air ships is from a country that didn't exist then...let me give you a're in it," said Sky.
"And here's a message from your dad, Zura," Continued Sky.
Zura opened the scroll and began reading. He looked up and said: "I need to go"

Several hours later, Mian, Ami, Zura, and Tia were in the guest house. Hai was giving Sky a tour of the city.

"So, are you going back?" asked Ami, with a worried look on her face.
"I think I have to, my country needs me" He then turned to Mian, "Listen, I told you I would help you with this but these is..."
"It's okay, I would have forced you to go anyway," Mian interrupted, slightly grinning.

Zura hugged his best friend and returned to his room, to begin packing. Mian was also about to leave, until Tia grabbed his shoulder.

"You left out the big question, what about us three?"
"We can't just let him go back alone..."
"Yeah, but we're at war with these guys"
"Yeah, and so is the Fire Nation...soon"
"Yeah, but I have my own issues...we're at WAR!"
"You're the Avatar, you protect more than just your people! Well, I don't care I'm leaving with Zura!" Yelled Tia, and she then stormed out. Mian turned to Ami, who seemed like she was about to cry.
"Ami, you understand, right?" asked Mian.
"I thought I did..."Said Ami and left.

Zura boarded the average size airship, it had the Fire Nation insignia on it, one that years ago instilled fear like none other. He was hoping his friends were coming, but he had not seen any, but he turned around to see for 1 last time.

"Wait, Zura! Wait!" Yelled a girl.

It was Tia! And Ami was with her. The two boarded the air ship, hugged their friend, but did not go inside yet.

"Yo, guys! Wait up! Me and Hai still have to get on!" Yelled Sky.

The duo also went on, but nobody went inside hoping for their brave and young leader. After a couple minutes, Zura went inside and everyone followed. He asked the captain to set course and to leave soon. Soon the ship was in the air after the anchor, a piece of sturdy rope, was disconnected. Zura looked out the window, wondering where Mian was. He was about to look away, when he heard someone yell. He opened the window, to make sure he was not hearing things. There it was again. He looked down, and there he was! Mian was hanging on to the anchor for dear life! Zura quickly ordered the captain to slow down, drift if possible. As everyone came out of their rooms, the say the Prince of the Fire Nation practically fall out a small window. However, Ami grabbed his foot, but she was soon on her way down. Tia grabbed hers and so on until Hai was holding on to them all. Suddenly, everyone came in at once, almost trampling the poor boy.

"Hey, what the heck was that for you knuckle...Oh!" said Tia suddenly noticing Mian.

Then a series of Ah! s and Oh! s followed by laughter.

"Hey, I'm the Avatar...I have to protect more than my people!" said Mian, half-laughing.


  • Though about a grim topic, this chapter ends laughing, one that they will not have for a while.
  • Mian begins to full realize what it means to be an Avatar.
  • Good friend Sky returns.
  • This is the second time the Four Nations Pact is mentioned.


Messages is one of the longer chapters of the series. Though in a seemingly light way, the chapters shows that the characters are maturing. Mian was fighting only for his tribe, but realized that he is the Avatar and the whole world is his tribe. Also, the author felt that Sky needed to return. The character just disappeared after several chapters. Knowing that he could be fleshed out, the author brought him back. Hai, who was some what based on sky, and Sky himself became good friends near the end of the chapter. This chapter also showed a little bit more of Sky's laid back personality that readers were not aware of. Though the chapter ended in a happy humorous way, the next several are to be more intense and serious.

Behind the Scenes of Messages

During this section the author gives his thought of the chapter:

I wanted a somewhat light hearted, but serious chapter. I knew that the Islands would one day attack the Fire Nation, and planned on Team Strike finding out through messenger hawks. However I used Sky, a good friend, to deliver it instead. This chapter builds up to the last several chapters of Book 1. In the following chapters, Mian realizes that he needs to fulfill his destiny or die trying. For more information see here --Avatar Talk


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