Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Merchant to Company in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Merchant to Company
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Merchant to Company is about a man who turned from a merchant selling cabbages to a CEO of a company selling cabbage and cars. SSameer1024AvatarAang watched the episodes with the cameo of the Cabbage Merchant and his cabbages, after seeing Korra and seeing Cabbage Corp., did he thought to create a fanon on a merchant to a company selling compact cars.


Once was a merchant, a lover of the cabbage, traveler in the world, did his world turn upside down with a man who took down his business, his home, his life, and his misery. In this story, the merchant decides for a change and a new area to spot on for a new profound life. After Republic City was announced for creation, he took himself there and opened the spotlight for himself, his investors, and the businesses around to open there. From there on, he was no longer a merchant, but a man with the guts to take it there.



Cabbage Merchant - When everything he had was taken down from him, when he found himself with nothing, he decided to take a change and went from being a travelling merchant to a company man who makes sells and have merchants of his own sell in the streets of Republic City.

La Sig Na - An investor who came to Republic City from a poor town, yet rich, he wanted to do something new than farming or selling his harvests. He was one who supported the merchant before the merchant said it. Noir - The man who takes the merchant's business, takes his home, takes his entire life apart in the Earth Kingdom.

Pal - A Bai Sing Se company owner who brought himself to Republic City to take on the riches of the cities, he was the one who brought people to his attention and sold properties and land without having a dime lost from them or the government, winning money and bonuses from many restaurant owners. Rumors have it that he went with Iroh on advancing his dream business and life, but was took down by Iroh for the foolishness of his business.

Lara - The merchant's girlfriend, also known as the Fashion Queen of the Time, for her fashion. He sweeped her heart by taking his business toward her fashion.

Tonren - A Upper Ring citizen of Ba Sing Se, whom became his man in business, and took his life, his home, and his business. Tonren knows what he's up to, but could he continue on to worst.

Team Avatar

Aang, the Avatar - As the Avatar of the Time, he realized that the merchant lost everything, he came toward him for the apologizes of his business ruined before, making him travel other places. He offered to give the Merchant a chance in Republic City.

Sokka, the United Republic Councilman - As councilman and friend of the Avatar, he took concern over Republic City and the new nation. Yet with his instincts and helpfulness, the merchant's business became growth, and the government advanced with its help. Seeing expansion in the company, he also helped growth of his company by expanding to other lands in the United Republic.

Zuko, the Fire Lord - As Cabbage Corp. was interested in the fashion, Zuko was famished and interested of the Cabbage Merchant's fashion idea and wardrobe. He went there and took the business by storm toward fashioning the Fire Lord and making business growth in the Fire Nation.

Toph, Chief of the Metalbending Police Force - As the Chief of the Police Force was in working on creation, Cabbage Corp. was in the interested of making fashion in government with the help of Toph, with resources acquired in the coming years, the headquarters of the Police Force was created under the hand of the merchant and the uniforms. They lost their interests in government when Toph saw interest in Future Industries and their innovations.


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